Palatal Expander

Dr. Milnor uses a conservative expansion technique to help create a positive patient experience for your child. A palatal expander will be custom made for your child’s mouth and gently "expands" or widens, the upper jaw.This is accomplished by placing gentle pressure on your upper teeth each time you turn your appliance. An expander should not be a painful experience. It is normal to feel some pressure when you turn your child’s appliance but it should not be anything more than mild discomfort. If your child is experiencing discomfort beyond this please call our office and discontinue turns as this is very atypical. Once we have achieved the proper amount of expansion, the expander stays in place for a minimum of 6 months.

Expanders help us correct narrow upper jaws, something that cannot be accomplished without jaw surgery as you get older and growth is complete. This is one reason it is important to get your child to an orthodontist at age 7 so they can evaluate if your child would benefit from an expander.

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