We love everything about this place! Everybody is kind, considerate and thoughtful. They all listen to the patient and take everything into serious consideration. I *HIGHLY* recommend them to all my friends who need an orthodontist.

The B. Family

Incredible! We are so blessed to have Dr.Milnor and her staff caring for us. I can't imagine being anywhere else but at Milnor Ortho. Jessica is so gentle, Ally is always smiling & welcoming. Thank u everyone, And see you soon!

The Y. Family

I was really happy to be treated so well by the staff. Their friendliness made me feel very welcome. I was amazed at how flexible their financing options were. They were more than willing to work with me, and I ended up having to pay a lot less than I expected. The orthodontist spent a lot of time with me during my visit. They really listened to me and made sure to thoroughly check my teeth. If you want the best orthodontist in the area than look no further. I have already told all my friends and family about my wonderful experience I had here. Polite, welcoming, and incredibly friendly are just some of the words I would use to describe them. Whenever I come here I always feel valued and important.

The N. Family

They are amazing here!!! Daughter just got her braces not to long ago and loves them at the orthodontist!!!

The C. Family

Dr. Milnor and the Milnor Staff make me feel like family. They remember who I am and what stage in the process I am in! I have been to other orthodontists and only Milnor feels like home!

The R. Family

Their office was the absolute perfect temperature. It was so nice to be able to get out of the weather outside and sit in a relaxing, comfortable office. I feel like they go out of their way to accommodate my schedule. I always get the appointment time I want. They always dress so professionally here, the entire staff obviously makes an effort to look their best and maintain a very professional appearance. Polite, welcoming, and incredibly friendly are just some of the words I would use to describe them. Whenever I come here I always feel valued and important. They didn't pressure me to buy anything I didn't need, which I really appreciated. I've been to other places that pressured me to buy stuff and it always made me very uneasy.

The A. Family

I would recommend Milnor Orthodontics because they are super nice, they can and like to talk to you. They also do a great AWESOME job on your teeth!

The L. Family

Let’s Hear From Our Young Patients

Dr. Milnor Is awesome and I have an awesome time with every staff member☺


The staff here always makes me smile and brightens my day- plus, my smile wouldn’t look nearly as good if I went anywhere else!


Milnor Orthodontics is the best because their office feels like your friend’s house. Not the scary office where people walk around with masks and sharp tools.


I love Dr. Milnor! She is super sweet and makes me laugh! She always makes me feel good, Always!


Dr. Milnor is fantastic and is always positive and has really helped with straightening out my teeth!


I would recommend them because they are very nice and always do what is best for you. They make sure that everything is in place and Dr. Milnor always checks to make sure your braces/other stuff are in place. They also come in as early as they can, so as to make sure that everything is in place, even when my retainer came out Overall, they are the best EVER!


The staff is super friendly and not scary at all ☺


I would recommend Dr. Milnor because she takes good care of your teeth and she loves children-


Dr. Milnor is a great orthodontist because she is really nice and sweet and her braces rock!


Dr. Milnor is always making me feel at home. Also she is soooo kind! She listens to my stories!


I love how everyone greets each other here. I also love to see people smile all of the time. I also love all the creativity and I love all of the company.


I would recommend Dr. Milnor because she is so sweet, caring, and meticulous. Dr. Milnor is a great person!


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