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Learn how to make your orthodontic treatment go faster and get out of braces sooner from an orthodontist in Fort Collins CO

Can You Make Orthodontic Treatment Go Faster?

Orthodontics has definitely changed over the last couple decades, but one thing remains the same: Patients are still looking for ways to speed up treatment and get their perfect smile…

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Learn why it's good to have more than one kid in braces in Fort Collins CO

Should You Have More than One Kid in Braces at the Same Time?

While the saying typically goes, “less is more,” sometimes more is less. In terms of having kids in braces, having more kids in orthodontic treatment can mean less work in…

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Discover why it's best to see an orthodontist in Fort Collins instead of trying at-home orthodontic treatment

Why At-Home Orthodontic Treatment Is Not Your Best Option

The prominence of digital technology has spurred a wave of innovation and unprecedented convenience in our society. Unfortunately, it’s also allowed the creation of companies promising people shortcuts that aren’t…

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