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Learn more about braces friendly treats from Milnor Orthodontics.

Braces Friendly Halloween Treats

This season, there are plenty of spooktacular treats you can enjoy while still taking proper care of your braces. Orthodontists say to steer clear treats that are sticky, hard, or…

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Wonder what braces will be like in 100 years? Milnor Orthodontics in Fort Collins CO shares their thoughts about it.

How Will Braces Be in 100 Years?

One can never really tell what the future holds. But if history is any guide, the future of orthodontics looks bright. We’ve come a long way over the years and…

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One Trip to the Orthodontist

Can You Get a Healthy Smile With One Trip to the Orthodontist?

Time is the most precious commodity you have, so it only makes sense that orthodontic patients are looking for ways to improve their smiles without having to make frequent trips…

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