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Enjoy these 5 summer desserts without damaging your braces in Ft Collins CO

5 Summer Desserts that Won’t Break Your Braces

While eating high amounts of sugar is something to avoid, we all have to satisfy our sweet tooth every once in a while. And with the summer season in full…

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Learn about permanent and removable retainers from the best orthodontist in Fort Collin Co

Permanent and Removable Retainers

Every patient eagerly looks forward to the day they get their braces removed, but the work won’t quite be done at that point. You’ve gone through the treatment to get…

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Learn what teeth spacers are and why you might need them before getting braces in Ft Collins CO

What Are Teeth Spacers?

Braces and clear aligners aren’t the only things you could have in your mouth during orthodontic treatment. You could also need different types of rubber bands or Invisalign attachments to…

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