Learn more about the difference between orthodontics for adults and kids.

The Difference Between Orthodontics for Adults and Kids

Anyone can benefit from getting orthodontic treatment, but the typical time to start still tends to be as…

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Learn more about what an overjet is.

What Is an Overjet?

When it comes to addressing orthodontic problems, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. There are multiple types of issues…

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Learn more about braces for adults.

The Best Braces for Adults in Fort Collins, CO

Far too often, if adults never got braces as a teenager or child, they feel like they missed…

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Here is how you can play in marching band with braces.

Can I Play in Marching Band with Braces?

Most patients who go through orthodontic treatment with braces have no problem going about their daily lives and…

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Learn more about the fun braces colors for kids at Milnor Orthodontics in Fort Collins, CO.

Fun Braces Colors for Kids

It’s not uncommon for kids to not be real excited about having plain silver braces on their teeth…

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Here is how often you need to go to the orthodontist. Learn more here.

How Often Do I Need to Go to the Orthodontist During Treatment?

There’s nothing quite as precious as time. So when you start orthodontic treatment to get your new smile,…

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Learn how a corrected bite can save your smile from the top orthodontist, Dr. Laura Milnor of Milnor Orthodontics in Fort Collins, CO.

How a Corrected Bite Can Save Your Smile

With so much focus on straightening teeth, it can be easy to forget just how vital the alignment…

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Think You Can't Get Invisalign? Think Again!

Think You Can’t Get Invisalign? Think Again!

For many patients, the Invisalign Clear Aligner System is a highly desirable alternative to getting traditional braces. But…

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6 Things About Your Teeth You Probably Didn't Know

6 Things About Your Teeth You Probably Didn’t Know

Human teeth are a fascinating part of the body, and they’re quite a bit more complex than many…

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Is it Time for a Replacement Retainer?

After making the investment to get orthodontic treatment and putting in your time with Invisalign or braces, you’ll…

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What to expect when your teen starts invisalign treatment

Your Teen Just Got Invisalign, Now What?

A great way for your teen to improve their smile and to enjoy their time in orthodontic treatment…

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Invisalign Teen in Fort Collins CO

Four Invisalign Mistakes to Avoid

There are plenty of reasons why Invisalign is a highly sought-after form of orthodontic treatment. Between being able…

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