Enjoy these 5 summer desserts without damaging your braces in Ft Collins CO

5 Summer Desserts that Won’t Break Your Braces

While eating high amounts of sugar is something to avoid, we all have to satisfy our sweet tooth every once in a while. And with…

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Learn about permanent and removable retainers from the best orthodontist in Fort Collin Co

Permanent and Removable Retainers

Every patient eagerly looks forward to the day they get their braces removed, but the work won’t quite be done at that point. You’ve gone…

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Learn what teeth spacers are and why you might need them before getting braces in Ft Collins CO

What Are Teeth Spacers?

Braces and clear aligners aren’t the only things you could have in your mouth during orthodontic treatment. You could also need different types of rubber…

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How to avoid having teeth pulled in Fort Collins CO

How to Avoid Having Teeth Pulled to Fix Crowding

While the most common orthodontic corrections simply involve straightening a patient’s teeth, there are other more intrusive orthodontic procedures used to fully fix someone’s smile…

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Find out if you can use insurance to pay for Invisalign in Fort Collins CO

Can I Use Insurance to Pay for Invisalign?

While we’d love to only talk about the benefits of getting Invisalign or braces, it’s also important to discuss the not-so-pleasant side of getting orthodontic…

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Learn more about sleep apnea and orthodontic treatment in Fort Collins CO

Sleep Apnea and Orthodontic Treatment

While the practice of orthodontics focuses on the teeth and jaw, it will inevitably affect other aspects of health and wellness as well. One aspect…

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Learn what rubber bands on braces in Ft Collins CO do

Are the Rubber Bands on Braces Really That Important?

Today’s braces seem fairly simple, yet they are more sophisticated than ever. The precise combination of metal brackets, wires, and bands works to move your…

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Virtual consults with an orthodontist can improve treatment in Ft Collins CO

Is a Virtual Consult with an Orthodontist Right for You?

We are all going through an unprecedented time of social distancing as we navigate a global health crisis. To help slow the spread of COVID-19,…

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Dealing with sensitive teeth can be trickier with braces in Ft Collins CO

Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

If you’re in the middle of enjoying a delicious meal or a refreshing drink, nothing quite ruins the experience like tooth pain. But beyond the…

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