Your Treatment Is Affected by the Orthodontist You Choose

Perhaps you’re finally ready to get the smile you deserve, or it has come to your attention that your child may be needing orthodontic treatment…

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Are Your Kids’ Habits Messing up Their Teeth?

Habits can seem innocent at first. After all, what child doesn’t suck their thumb when they’re young? Although things like thumb sucking and nail biting…

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How Does Your Invisalign Provider Stack Up?

by Dr. Laura Milnor The technology of clear aligner therapy or Invisalign has become increasingly capable of correcting most all smile and bite problems. Additionally,…

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What Is Considered an Orthodontic Emergency?

Anytime something doesn’t go according to plan with your braces or aligners, it can cause some type of panic. “Is this normal?” “ What do…

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What If I Can’t Have Invisalign?

You’ve finally decided it’s time to address the problems with your smile. You’ve been doing your research and decided Invisalign is the right fit for…

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4 Reasons Invisalign for College Students Makes Sense

College can include many things—all night study sessions, mid-terms, group projects, term papers. What you may not think it should include is orthodontic treatment, yet…

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What Does Mouthwash Really Do?

We always hear that a good oral hygiene routine includes brushing, flossing and using a quality mouthwash for maximum effectiveness. We want our teeth to…

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what the different parts of braces do

How the Different Parts of Braces Fix Your Smile

It may seem unbelievable how braces magically fix your teeth. You go from having spacing issues or alignment problems to having a perfect smile in…

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Start Your Child’s Smile Right with Invisalign First

For many children, early orthodontic treatment is incredibly beneficial. We call this Phase I orthodontics, and it is often recommended for children ages 7 to…

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