Discover the Benefits of Custom Braces in Fort Collins

Why Custom Braces?

“Custom” sometimes means you’re getting something that’s a little different for a lot more money. But that’s not the case with our custom braces.

KLOwen custom braces from Milnor Orthodontics have many benefits, including:

  • Fewer appointments
  • Shorter wait time than for other custom brands
  • Faster application than traditional braces
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Less pain
  • Available in silver and clear brackets

How Custom Braces Work

KLOwen braces use the power of 3D imaging to create and apply braces custom-fitted to your teeth in a very short amount of time. Once you have decided custom braces are right for you, we will use indirect digital bonding (IDB) software to create your ideal smile. This information is then sent to our lab, where a 3D printer prints plastic trays, similar to Invisalign aligners.

The trays for the top and bottom jaws are returned to our office, and brackets selected for each of your teeth are inserted into them. The trays are fitted on your teeth, indirect bonding is used to adhere the brackets to each tooth, and the wire is attached to the brackets.

Because the brackets are placed in the trays exactly as they need to be positioned on the teeth, applying them this way takes much less time than doing them individually. It also ensures they are aligned to produce the desired end result—the straightest, healthiest smile possible.

How Much Do Custom Braces Cost?

The reduced time it takes to apply custom braces is not only more convenient for you, it is also more efficient for our staff, which allows us to offer you a custom option for the same cost as regular braces.