Introducing Our Smile Protection Plan

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Taking care of your smile long-term is the best way to maintain a strong and healthy smile for the rest of your life! Using our Smile Protection Plan, you can achieve this with ease.

Protect Your Smile!

We are committed to giving our patients amazing smiles that last.

With our retainer program you get replacement retainers for years following your treatment! At Milnor Orthodontics, we make it easy and affordable to maintain your beautiful smile.

For only $700 you can enroll in our Smile Protection Plan which will provide you with replacement retainers for the next 5 years to keep you smiling.

Normally, replacement retainers are $400 for a pair of retainers if you are NOT enrolled in the Smile Protection Plan. If you replaced one set per year, it would cost you a total of $2,000 over a 5 year period.

The Benefits of Our Smile Protection Plan

Enjoy peace of mind with hassle-free retainer replacements, significant cost savings, and the assurance of a consistent, beautiful smile. Protect your investment in orthodontic treatment and ensure long-term dental health with our comprehensive plan.

  • Hassle-free replacement of retainers with a 3D scan of your teeth
  • Protection - keep your teeth healthy and straight
  • Opportunity to save money on replacements

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers! Find out everything you need to know about the Smile Protection Plan, from coverage details to payment options.

Ready to enroll? It's easy and quick! Just click the link below.