Dental Monitoring in Fort Collins

Fewer in-person visits

Faster treatment progress

Increased affordability

Dental Monitoring at Milnor Orthodontics in Fort Collins CO reduces the number of office visits for patients.
dental monitoring in fort collins co

How Dental Monitoring Works

Using this teledentistry tool is easy!

  • Receive a notification from Milnor Orthodontics that it’s time for a virtual checkup.
  • Attach your cellphone to the DM Scanbox and scan your teeth.
  • Submit the scan and any questions or concerns you may have right from your phone.
  • Await any further instructions from Dr. Milnor.

With Dental Monitoring, you’ll spend less time at our office and more time living your life while improving your smile. Schedule a virtual consult to learn more today!

How does Dental Monitoring Result in Fewer In-Person Appointments

Dental Monitoring achieves fewer in-person appointments through remote monitoring and digital communication. Instead of frequent visits to the orthodontist's office, patients can submit photos of their progress through the Dental Monitoring app. The Milnor Orthodontic team reviews the photos and provides feedback and guidance remotely, eliminating the need for unnecessary in-person checkups. This streamlined process reduces the time and inconvenience associated with traditional orthodontic visits, while still ensuring our patients receive the necessary care and support throughout their treatment journey.

Understanding the Benefits of Dental Monitoring

Enhanced Convenience

Dental Monitoring offers the convenience of virtual consultations and communication. Patients can ask questions, seek guidance, and receive treatment updates without the need to schedule and travel to in-person appointments. This flexibility allows individuals to fit orthodontic treatment seamlessly into their busy schedules, saving them valuable time and effort.

Improved Treatment Accuracy

With Dental Monitoring, the Milnor team has access to detailed and accurate data about the progress of a patient's treatment. By analyzing regular photos and monitoring tooth movement remotely, the orthodontic team can make precise adjustments to the treatment plan as needed, ensuring optimal alignment and reducing the likelihood of delays or complications.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

The use of Dental Monitoring empowers patients to actively participate in their orthodontic journey. Through the app, individuals can regularly track their progress, observe changes in their teeth, and stay engaged with their treatment goals. This increased involvement and visibility foster a sense of ownership and motivation, leading to better compliance and ultimately more successful outcomes.

Remote Accessibility

Dental Monitoring provides accessibility to orthodontic care regardless of location. Patients can receive professional guidance and support without being restricted by geographical constraints. Whether traveling, living in remote areas, or facing mobility challenges, patients can maintain consistent communication with Minor Orthodontics and stay on track with their treatment, ensuring that their progress is closely monitored and any concerns are addressed promptly.