Your First Orthodontist Visit

Welcome to Our Office!

We hope you find our office as welcoming and inviting as we do when we walk through the door each morning. From the decor to the staff, we strive to make each of your visits as comfortable as possible.

But don’t let the homey feeling fool you, there is serious teeth-straightening that goes on here. We use the latest skills and technology to give you the best results in the least amount of time.

Before you get braces or Invisalign, it’s important to find the orthodontist and staff who are right for you. For this reason, we offer a free consultation to every potential patient, which starts with:

  • A panoramic, full mouth x-ray
  • A cephalometric x-ray
  • Photographs of your teeth, smile, and face

After the photos and x-rays are taken, Dr. Milnor will review them and do a thorough exam before recommending the best treatment for you.