Custom braces just sound expensive, right? Learn here how much custom braces really cost and if they are worth investing in.

Are Custom Braces Worth The Cost?

Patients looking to reduce their expenses for orthodontic treatment may think they have to settle for old-fashioned treatment options. So when you see the option to get custom braces, you may automatically assume they’ll be too expensive for you. However, this advanced orthodontic treatment option is both cost-effective and a great way to improve the experience of straightening teeth.

Better Comfort

Conventional braces have never been described as being exceptionally comfortable. However, the comfortable bite they yield after treatment is complete does make the process very worthwhile. But what if you could get the same fantastic results with better comfort along the way?

Custom braces make that possible thanks to a more precise fit and a simplified system of brackets and wires. The custom fit also puts less strain on your teeth, so you’ll experience less discomfort when you choose custom braces.

Faster Process

Custom braces offer both a faster treatment time and quicker appointments, including when you get them on. Conventional braces are individually placed on the teeth, but custom braces are put on using trays similar to Invisalign aligners, which are 3D printed for ultimate precision.

An indirect bonding process is then implemented with the trays fitted around your teeth, which allows your orthodontist to install the system of brackets and wires quickly. And since the fit of your braces is so exact, they will move your teeth more efficiently to get you to the end of the treatment process more quickly.

Fewer Appointments

Traditional braces can be fitted relatively precisely by a skilled orthodontist, but they’ll still need to be adjusted often to move to the next phases of treatment. Custom braces won’t need to be adjusted as frequently. And since treatment will be over sooner, you’ll end up needing significantly fewer appointments overall with custom braces compared to conventional braces.

So not only will you get to reveal your new smile sooner, but you will also spend less time at the orthodontist’s office during the treatment process.

Custom Braces Cost the Same as Conventional Braces

While you may think getting the latest and greatest in orthodontic technology would cost top-dollar, the innovations of the treatment process allow us to offer it at the same cost as normal braces. While the system itself is newer and more advanced, the fact that the treatment process requires fewer, less time-consuming adjustments, offsets this cost.

In addition to allowing for a quicker and more convenient treatment process at no extra cost, custom braces also provide superior results. The ultra-precise process means patients will enjoy a new smile that’s tailored to them. And the fact that patients need fewer appointments and will get done quicker reduces the chances for interruptions in treatment like missing appointments or damaging their braces.

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