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Back to School with Braces and Invisalign

Summer is beginning to wind down as the cool breeze begins to make its way into the Fall season; and that can only mean one thing —back to school! With each new school year, there are a multitude of things to buy and add to the calendar, so planning for a school year with braces might not be on your list. But making sure you are prepared and have the essentials needed for tackling school with braces or Invisalign is an important thing to remember. To help make the transition easier, Milnor Orthodontics has put together information about going back to school with braces. 

Pack the essentials for school with braces and Invisalign

Before heading off to school, make sure you have a little bag full of all the items needed to take care of your braces or Invisalign trays. Pack toothpaste and a toothbrush, then brush your teeth after lunch. Also pack flossers, so you can clean out any stubborn food particles before heading off to class. To help with this, pack a small mirror so you can check for food in your teeth. You should also have ortho wax and extra rubber bands, as well as your Invisalign case.  

Plan your food

With a new school year starting, it can be tempting to abandon some of your good braces eating habits—but try not to! Pack your own lunch and snacks, and avoid sticky and hard candy, popcorn, nuts, ice, gum, and any other foods that could cause damage to your braces. If you plan to eat the school lunch, check the lunch menu ahead of time, so you can make sure there is something you are able to safely eat. You should also bring a water bottle with you each day, so you can stay hydrated and keep your teeth clean. Drinking water helps rinse out your mouth of any stray food particles and keeps bacteria from forming on your teeth and braces.

Keep aligners safe

If you use Invisalign, make sure to store your trays in a clean, secure case, especially when at school. While it can be tempting to wrap the trays in a napkin or just set them off to the side, this can lead to them being thrown away or forgotten. Replacing lost or broken aligners takes a little time and can delay treatment, so make sure to keep your trays safe and clean in their case when they aren’t in your mouth.

Wear a mouthguard

Playing sports is a fun part of heading back to school with braces, but for your safety and the protection of your braces, make sure to wear a mouthguard whenever you’re doing something that may cause trauma to your mouth, such as getting hit with a ball, making contact with another player, or falling face-first to the ground. Any of these scenarios can lead to mouth injuries due to your braces or broken brackets and wires. Mouthguards are inexpensive and can be found at any sporting goods store or on Amazon

As you head back to school, Milnor Orthodontics is here to make the transition to school with braces or Invisalign easy and stress-free. If you are ready to improve your smile, contact Milnor Orthodontics today for a free consultation!

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