Woman with Invisalign retainer before eating

Eating with Invisalign

So, you’ve just gotten started with your orthodontic treatment and you’re going the Invisalign route. Or perhaps you’re doing research on Invisalign before you start treatment. Either way, here’s some information on eating with Invisalign.

The Basics of Invisalign

For the most part, Invisalign does the same things as braces, but more discreetly. It’s also much easier to eat all different kinds of food with this treatment plan. Your aligners can (and should) be removed each and every time you eat or drink anything other than water. This process might seem daunting at first, but you’ll soon get used to it and come to love the fact that you can eat whatever you want and be able to thoroughly clean your teeth when you’re done.

Brushing after Eating with Invisalign

When you take out your aligners to eat or drink, you shouldn’t just pop them back in when you’re done eating. You need to brush your teeth before returning the trays to their rightful position. Due to this added step, it’s recommended you keep a toothbrush and toothpaste with you as often as you can. Having floss handy is recommended as well. If you are unable to brush your teeth for whatever reason, rinsing your mouth well with water or chewing gum will suffice until you can brush again. Remember, you should be wearing your retainers for at least 22 hours every day, so don’t forget to put them back in as soon as possible!

What Can You Eat?

With Invisalign, anything ! Just take them out, eat whatever you want to eat, brush your teeth and the aligners, and stick them right back in. It’s really that simple. Just do not eat or drink with the retainers in. Food will get stuck in them and just make a mess. Dark drinks will stain them, and sugary drinks can give you cavities because of the liquid being trapped between your teeth and aligners afterwards.

Helpful Tips

Lost aligners are a fairly common issue, so you should do all that you can to avoid misplacing them when you take them out. (That’s obviously something you don’t have to deal with when you have braces.) Always keep your aligners in the case they come with when you’re not wearing them. Don’t set them on your plate or a napkin while you eat as this can easily lead to them accidentally being thrown in the trash bin. Pets can also pose a threat to aligners, so make sure they are never within reach of your furry friends!

Invisalign is a fantastic way to get those perfectly aligned teeth everyone wants so badly, but there are definitely a few extra steps that have to be incorporated into your daily routine. Brushing your teeth and aligners regularly will ensure your teeth stay clean and healthy throughout the entirety of your treatment. If you have and questions about anything, including eating with Invisalign, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Milnor Orthodontics , we’re happy to help!

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