Fun Braces Colors for Kids

It’s not uncommon for kids to not be real excited about having plain silver braces on their teeth for an extended period of time. But now kids have more options than ever for making their braces fun and stylish, resulting in a better treatment experience from start to finish. One of those fun options is color braces .

What Are Color Braces?

When you spot a kid with a set of braces, you’ll notice a few different pieces make up this quintessential orthodontic appliance. One essential piece is the ligatures. Ligatures are tiny elastic bands that hold the brackets and wires together and help create the pressure needed for orthodontic movement. Most often, these ligatures have a rather plain color, which is typically meant to blend in with the tone of the teeth.

This color does have its advantages. For many adults who choose to get braces , this color can help their braces look a little less obvious. However, young patients don’t have to settle for this boring color. In fact, there are tons of colors available, allowing kids to have fun with their braces instead of simply seeing their treatment time as a chore.

Best Braces Colors For Kids

Since ligatures often get replaced during treatment with braces, your kids can have fun with all kinds of color combinations and can mix them up however they want to. Here are some cool ideas for your kids to consider:

Sports team colors : Whether your kids want to represent local professional teams like the Denver Broncos with blue and orange bands, or they want to sport their school colors, there are endless possibilities for showing the ultimate team spirit with color braces.

Holiday colors : When the winter season rolls around, your kids can get in the Holiday spirit by wearing classic red and green, or going with a wintery blue and white combination. 

Spooky Halloween colors : Is your child looking for the perfect way to complete their Halloween costume? When the month of October arrives, they can add ghoulish green ligatures for a spooky costume or opt for yellow and orange bands to get in the harvest spirit. 

Fourth of July : What’s more fun than watching fireworks on the Fourth of July? How about showing off a smile with red, white, and blue bands while enjoying the festivities? 

Your child can have fun with their smile no matter what the season when they choose color bands for their braces.

Other Fun Braces Options

Experimenting with stylish colors isn’t the only way kids can have fun with their braces. There are fun bracket shapes your kids can explore by checking out WildSmiles® Braces . Available bracket shapes in this fun collection include sports balls, hearts, diamonds, stars, and even Disney-themed shapes! Your kids can also mix and match different brackets and add colored bands to complete their unique look.

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