Discover all the fun ways to personalize braces or Invisalign in Fort Collins CO

Fun Ways to Personalize Braces or Invisalign

Many kids and teens aren’t exactly thrilled about having to wear braces or Invisalign on their teeth. However, you can also think of this time as a unique opportunity to have more fun with your smile. While you may think the only option available for you are generic braces that aren’t exciting, there are some cool ways you can customize your braces while you straighten your teeth.

WildSmiles Make Braces Fun

By default, your braces will come with brackets that have a plain, rectangular shape to them. But you don’t have to choose these brackets if you don’t want to. Instead, you can spice up your smile by choosing WildSmiles Braces. You can customize your brackets by selecting from a collection of shapes like diamonds, stars, sports balls, and more. You also can mix and match different shapes to make your style all your own!

Color Bands to Personalize Braces

The brackets aren’t the only part of your braces you can customize. The little elastic bands that hold your brackets and wires together come in fun colors as well. While the conventional bands you would get with your braces are meant to blend in, you can choose bands that stand out.

Want to complete your Halloween costume? You can choose glow-in-the-dark bands to make your costume even spookier! You can also choose fun fall colors to match the coziness and fun of the autumn months ahead. For the holiday season, you can customize your smile with red and green bands or add a wintery chill with silver and blue bands. You’ll also have fun supporting your favorite team or showing your school spirit by matching their colors.

Invisalign Stickables

While Invisalign trays are typically invisible, you can still have fun with them by adding fun colors and designs while your teeth are being straightened. Thanks to Invisalign Stickables, you can decorate your Invisalign trays with all sorts of fun shapes, designs, and colors. Choose from a wide variety of unique collections, including a holiday pack, food-themed pack, or sports pack.

Your actual aligners aren’t the only way you can have fun adding colors and designs to your Invisalign treatment. You’ll need a case to store your aligners in when they aren’t in use during meals, when you’re playing sports, or when you are brushing and flossing your teeth.

You can choose stylish Invisalign cases with uniques designs, colors, and even sports teams. Not only will choosing a cool case help you have more fun with your Invisalign treatment, it will also make it easier to keep track of your case.

While straightening teeth is serious business, you can still have fun with your treatment. Just be sure to use these orthodontist-approved options, not something you find at home or at school. You don’t want to use anything that could cause oral health issues or delay your treatment.

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