Learn how you can get your perfect smile in as few as 5 visits with Invisalign in Fort Collins CO

Get Your Perfect Smile in 3 to 5 Visits with Invisalign

Orthodontic visits are looking a bit different this year. But what society has quickly learned is that more can be achieved from home than we realized. And thanks to innovative technology solutions, you can even reduce the number of orthodontic visits you need to complete treatment with Invisalign and get your perfect smile.

Get Your Perfect Smile with Dental Monitoring

The Dental Monitoring app is a new way to make completing orthodontic treatment with Invisalign more convenient. By using photos taken with your phone, you can complete treatment in fewer visits, making life easier while you complete orthodontic treatment and giving you more peace of mind about your health during this wild year.

How Dental Monitoring Works

This app for your mobile device guides you through how to take clear photos of your teeth that your orthodontist can use to properly supervise your treatment remotely.  It even uses artificial intelligence to detect any issues with your teeth or jaw found in the images.

As a patient, you’ll get alerts when it’s time to take a scan of your teeth, so you can stay on track with your treatment. Your orthodontist can also let you know if you’re brushing or flossing enough using this app.

Dental Monitoring is secure and completely HIPAA compliant, so you have nothing to be concerned about when it comes to your personal information.

Dental Monitoring vs. Mail-Order Braces

One thing that’s important to clarify about Dental Monitoring it that it isn’t a replacement for in-person appointments. When you use Dental Monitoring, you can finish your treatment with only three to five visits, which is far fewer than normal. These visits will allow your orthodontist to get a close look at your teeth and to take x-rays so they can properly monitor your progress. Plus, you will still need to come in for your initial exam so you can get an accurate scan of your teeth to make your aligners.

This is very different from mail-order braces, which don’t include any x-rays or in-person visits. Without the careful supervision of an orthodontist, you run the risk of your teeth moving in the wrong direction or not catching issues that could damage your teeth. Mail-order aligners are created from photos and dental impressions you take yourself, which also increases your risk of getting subpar results and causing damage to your teeth.

Benefits of Using Dental Monitoring with Invisalign

Invisalign is already an advanced and convenient orthodontic treatment option for many reasons. Patients don’t have to worry about everyone seeing their treatment or what foods they can eat. And by using the Dental Monitoring system, patients can also make sure they complete treatment on time since there are fewer in-person appointments to attend. Plus, you can use more of your time to relax in your home or explore the outdoors while you improve your smile.

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