Learn more about how to find the right Invisalign.

How to Find the Right Invisalign for You

Getting straight teeth while enjoying no food restrictions and a metal-free smile is an idea that seemed like a dream a few decades ago. But now, many patients look to Invisalign as their first choice for getting orthodontic treatment. There are also more options for Invisalign than ever. So, let’s get down to business and find the right Invisalign treatment for you!

Invisalign Full

The original clear aligner treatment is better than ever and offers patients complete orthodontic correction for a wide variety of cases. While still not able to treat the most severe cases of crookedness, Invisalign Full can make significant orthodontic corrections for patients who want a better smile.

Invisalign Teen

All of the benefits of Invisalign Full come with Invisalign Teen as well, including removable aligners, not having to deal with food restrictions, and of course, the amazing results! Optimized for younger patients, Invisalign Teen is designed to accommodate growing jaws and incoming molars.

Additionally, Invisalign Teen gives teens and preteens a little grace if they lose or damage their aligners. The treatment comes with six complimentary replacement aligners in case they are needed. And each aligner has a blue indicator button that shows how much it has been worn to help keep patients on track.

Invisalign Lite

Sometimes, people hit the genetic lottery and simply don’t need as significant corrections to their teeth as others. But even if appearances are good, underlying dental health problems may still remain. Getting orthodontic treatment will improve oral health and overall comfort while making a good-looking smile even better!

Invisalign Lite is perfect for patients who need subtler orthodontic corrections, whether due to good genetics or if they had braces before and their teeth have shifted after not wearing a retainer. Because of this, the treatment is also shorter than Invisalign Full or Invisalign Teen, taking only about seven months or less.

Invisalign Express

Designed for the smallest orthodontic corrections, Invisalign Express is mostly used to quickly fix regression. This is also a good treatment for those who had treatment previously but have noticed their teeth have moved slightly over the years.

Invisalign Express works the same way as Invisalign Full and comes with all of the same advantages. However, it is a short treatment that comes with only 10 trays. This also means it takes the least amount of time, taking only six months at most.

Invisalign First

Not all types of Invisalign are for adults and teens. Young kids can also benefit from Invisalign by getting Invisalign First. This early orthodontic treatment helps correct the shape of the jaw and teeth placement in kids between the ages of 7 and 10. By completing this treatment early on, kids can avoid needing longer treatments with braces or needing more invasive treatments like surgery.

And instead of using bulky appliances or partial sets of braces, Invisalign First is totally clear and is much more comfortable.

While it may be tempting to opt for the shortest Invisalign treatment to get it over with and save some money, it’s important to let an experienced orthodontist determine what type will give you the best results. To learn more about Invisalign and to find the right option for you, contact Milnor Orthodontics today and schedule your free consultation.

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