Is Your Child Ready for Invisalign First?

There’s a big difference between being a worry-wart parent and a proactive caregiver when it comes to your child’s health. Parents may notice potential issues in their offspring’s development before they even take them to a doctor to be examined. There are tell-tale signs of what is “normal” and what could be considered a red-flag as kids start to socialize with other little humans their age. Complaints of discomfort are often due to growing pains that are natural as young people grow and change, but if you have a feeling your child needs professional attention, you should always go with your initial instinct.

Dental development can be particularly perplexing, as a simple Google search doesn’t always deliver the answers we are looking for. Orthodontists have the foresight to properly identify future problems with your child’s teeth. Bite and alignment are huge factors in a person’s developing smile; if you think your child could benefit from tackling problems early, Milnor Orthodontics has a perfect solution: Invisalign First. 

What Is Invisalign First?

Braces are often considered a teenage type of treatment, but popular alignment brand Invisalign has created a line that keeps young children in mind. Kids ages 6-10 are often great candidates for Invisalign First, a “Phase 1” orthodontic treatment that makes room for growth and change. Getting ahead of a dental problem will alleviate your child from future stressors as orthodontists are able to utilize this innovative treatment option to start moving teeth that pose risks. New technology in the field has given orthodontists the opportunity to create much needed space in an over-crowded mouth and stop problems before they even start.

Not only is Invisalign First a time and money-saver in the long run, it allows kids to have the freedom to eat what they want and brush when they need to. It can be tough to get your kids on track with a daily oral hygiene routine, and these removable aligners take away the back-and-forth battle that braces can bring on. Children at this age can be overly sensitive to any sort of discomfort, so Invisalign First gives them the chance to avoid the overwhelming sensations that come with metal brackets and rubber bands.

Bad Habit Helpers

While thumb-sucking and pacifier use are natural soothers for infants and toddlers, these habits can hurt a child’s smile as their teeth begin to erupt. Invisalign First can correct any developmental issues caused by these habits while ensuring no further damage is done if the habit continues.

Milnor Orthodontics encourages parents to ask about Invisalign First to see if their child would be a good candidate. We love adding to our collection of smiles and hope that your kid will join us in creating a gallery of grins. Contact Milnor Orthodontics today to schedule a free consultation for your child. If they do not require treatment, we will continue to monitor them free of charge.

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