Invisalign Teen in Fort Collins CO

It’s Not Too Late for Teens to Get Invisalign This Summer

Does it seem as though summer has passed us by in a blink of an eye? Schools let out for summer break, yet we’re seeing back-to-school gear all over the stores. You may have felt like you’ve missed your chance to help your teen begin orthodontic treatment since summer is one of the best times to do so, but don’t worry! There’s still time left to help your teen get that perfect smile they’ve always wanted with Invisalign Teen.

Invisalign for Teens

There’s a special Invisalign system, designed specifically for teenagers, called Invisalign Teen . This treatment program is a way for adolescents to get beautiful teeth without the hassle and maintenance that comes with braces. Invisalign Teen works similarly to the other Invisalign products, but includes some extra features to help busy teens stay on track with their treatment.

Blue compliance indicators on every Invisalign Teen tray fade when properly worn, so teens can tell if they’re wearing their aligners for the right amount of time each day. Up to six replacement trays are also included in the system, because we all know accidents happen. Invisalign Teen makes it easy for young orthodontic patients to keep up with their orthodontic treatment plan with little to no disturbance in their lives.

It’s Not Too Late to Start with Invisalign Teen

Like we mentioned before, summertime is one of the best times to begin orthodontic treatment. There’s more free time to schedule appointments and less stress in the day. And guess what? There’s still plenty of time left in the summer to get started with Invisalign! Here’s the process:

  1. Schedule your initial consultation with an orthodontist who is certified in Invisalign.
  2. Your orthodontist will take digital scans of your teen’s teeth and craft a winning plan.
  3. In about four weeks, the aligners will arrive and treatment can begin.

Every two weeks, the aligners will need to be switched out, resulting in a shifting of the teeth. The aligners must be worn 20-22 hours every day, only being removed to eat, drink, brush, and floss. Depending on the severity of your teen’s issues, patients typically undergo treatment with Invisalign for 15-18 months. Afterwards, retainers will be fitted and post-treatment responsibilities will commence.

As you can see, not only is the Invisalign process a breeze, it makes it easy for teens to get a beautiful smile, while not missing a beat when it comes to their active lifestyle. Appointments with the orthodontist are not as frequent as for patients undergoing treatment with braces, and the benefits of Invisalign are unmatched. So, make the call and get your teen started on their journey to the smile they’ve always wanted and the self-confidence they deserve.

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