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Life for the Innocent

We’d like to take a little time away from orthodontics to address a serious ongoing world issue and one great organization dedicated to stopping it.

Human trafficking affects people around the world. More people are trafficked today than any other time in recorded history. Over 45 million people are bought and sold worldwide and 66% of those are from Asia. People of all ages, including innocent children, are trafficked for sex, labor, and organs. Only 1% of victims are ever freed.

About Life for the Innocent

Life for the Innocent began after a businessman from Colorado spent time in Southeast Asia and witnessed the trafficking of children firsthand. For years after his initial experience, he garnered support from his family, friends, and church to organize and support work being done to provide housing, relief, and aid to children who are rescued from slavery.

As a faith-based non-profit organization, Life for the Innocent has partnered with countless communities to rescue, restore, and renew children trapped in human trafficking. Since its beginnings, Life for the Innocent has rescued more than 5,000 children from trafficking and provided a much healthier and stable life for them.

After being taken out of the slave trade, every child rescued receives safe housing and security, medical care, education, counseling, spiritual guidance, and adoptive families. Life for the Innocent’s world mission is “to partner with the Church and move it to action through effective outreach and education so that we see a decline in human trafficking worldwide.”

Lantern Gala 2018

The 2018 Lantern Gala was a reception and dinner program in Fort Collins, CO designed to raise $230,000 for Life of the Innocent. With these donations and sponsorships, the organization can rescue 166 children from human trafficking.

Sam Kumar, Life of the Innocent’s South Asia Program Director, spoke about the program’s work on the ground rescuing children, providing them with adoptive families, and seeing the transformations in them.

After the key speaker, there was an exciting live freedom auction that provided an opportunity for guests to donate money to the cause and give their resources to sponsor rescue and rehabilitation efforts in South Asia.

Learn more about the Lantern Gala and how you can be involved with it next year!

Getting Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Life for the Innocent domestically and to help save and protect children from human trafficking.

  • Educate Yourself and Others. Education and awareness is one of the first steps toward helping find a solution. Learn how to identify trafficking in your area, educate your family and kids to prevent it, and sign up for free training and workshops .
  • Become a Donor. Life for the Innocent provides housing, education, and families for thousands of rescued children. To do this, they need the necessary funds. Giving of what you have helps make this mission a reality.
  • Volunteer with Life for the Innocent. There are plenty of ways to use your time to help prevent human trafficking in the United States. Life for the Innocent is always looking for volunteers, especially those who can speak for the organization, help organize and coordinate events, or even fundraise.
  • Become a Partner. Life for the Innocent has partnership programs with churches and businesses . Your religious or business organization can get involved and provide resources for children to escape trafficking with your donations.

If you are interested in learning more about Life for the Innocent program or how you specifically can get involved, contact them today! You can also chat with Dr. Milnor about this organization that is very close to her heart and how she has been involved with them too.

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