Woman in braces

More Women than Ever are Getting Orthodontic Treatment

Not to quote Beyoncé or anything, but girls run the world. Women in this society are more empowered than ever, and that is definitely something to be celebrated! Sure, looks aren’t everything, but there are few things better than feeling epically confident about yourself. So, why are more women than ever getting orthodontic treatment?

Oral Health

Being healthy is good! Braces are an excellent way to ensure your oral health is in excellent condition. Overbites, underbites, misaligned teeth, and crowding are just a few issues that might exist in your mouth before braces. These things can result in mouth pain, trouble chewing, or even more serious issues. Alleviating these things will make your life much more pleasant. No woman should ever have to deal with mouth pain on top of all of the other responsibilities she has in her life!

Cosmetic Reasons

In addition to being great at aiding in resolving any potential oral health issues, braces are famously known for…you guessed it: straightening your teeth! Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so why not make that first impression spectacular? Most people will feel more confident in themselves if they have a smile they’re proud of, and for you that might mean having straight teeth! As a woman, you have so many responsibilities and standards to uphold, and you should never do anything you’re not comfortable with, but if you want a straight and healthy smile, why not go for it?

Celebrities Do It!

You might not know it, but some of the most successful celebrities have undergone orthodontic treatment in the form of braces while in the public eye! Angelina Jolie, Venus and Serena Williams, Emma Watson, Kendall Jenner, and so many more successful women have done it, so why can’t you?

There are Many Options

There are more options now than there has even been before in regards to what kind of treatment you can get! Each kind has its own pros and cons, and you are able to choose the best fit for you, so there is no reason to avoid getting braces. For example, if you’re looking to be discreet, Invisalign might be the treatment plan for you.

NOT Just for Teens

Number one on the list of myths about braces that you should definitely not believe is braces are just for teens. Braces are for any person who wants straight and healthy teeth, and no age is too old to start an orthodontic journey. There is nothing wrong with deciding to straighten your teeth after your teenage years. It might even be a better decision for you! Whatever the situation is, just know you are not alone !

Here at Milnor Orthodontics we understand and embrace the importance of feeling confident as a woman. Of course, confidence radiates from the inside, but if having a perfect smile is going to make you feel great, then you should absolutely do it, and we would love to help you! Who runs the world? Girls! (Thanks, Beyoncé.)

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