Peer Pressure, Bullying, and Braces

When you have braces, you’re on a journey to a beautiful smile that you can show off for the rest of your life, but you may hit a few bumps along the way. We can’t always control the other people in our lives, and sometimes things can be said that aren’t very nice. What we can control is how we rise above it and persevere. Let’s talk about peer pressure, bullying, and braces, and how you can rise above any negativity and focus on the positives of your orthodontic journey.

Dealing With Your Peers

For the most part, having braces is just a normal part of life for many kids, teens, and adults. Chances are, you’re just one of the many going through orthodontic treatment at the moment, and when it comes to your peers, it’s important not to let them get to you! Remember to listen to your orthodontist’s instructions, especially if someone is pressuring you about eating something you’re not supposed to or not wearing proper mouth gear when playing sports . You don’t want to risk damaging your braces, or worse, prolonging your treatment time, due to a lapse in judgment that could have been avoided. Hold firm in your treatment plan and say no when needed.

Battling the Bully

Now, there may be a select few who thrive on teasing and being mean to others. The top thing to remember about this is bullies are not your problem. Although this is unfortunate and sometimes occurs, some key tips to keep in mind if this happens to you include:

  • Ignore the bully
  • Stay positive
  • Make light of the mean comment

It doesn’t have to be your problem if you don’t make it your problem, so remember to hold your head high and believe in yourself. In ignoring the bully or making light of their comment, you’ll be making them feel inadequate. The key thing to keep in mind is although you can’t control what others say to you, you can control how you choose to handle the situation. Keep your chin up and ignore the negativity.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Your orthodontic journey ends with a fabulous smile that, with proper care and maintenance, you can flash to everyone you meet for the rest of your life! Don’t let your peers or a bully jeopardize your future and your results. Although it can be tough when someone is being mean, it’s important to have confidence in yourself and in your treatment. You know that getting braces means a little work right now, but orthodontic treatment yields great results. Be sure to keep these helpful tips in mind when dealing with bullying and peer pressure.

Hold firm to your orthodontist’s instructions. They’re giving you rules so you can get the maximum result out of your treatment. Ignore the bullies. They’ll see they’re ineffective and move on. And stay true to yourself. You know the reason you started treatment. Remember that when times get tough.

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