Learn why it's good to have more than one kid in braces in Fort Collins CO

Should You Have More than One Kid in Braces at the Same Time?

While the saying typically goes, “less is more,” sometimes more is less. In terms of having kids in braces, having more kids in orthodontic treatment can mean less work in the long run. When you decide it’s time to start orthodontic treatment for one of your kids, it’s worth seeing if having more than one kid in braces at the same time is right for your family.

Fewer Fights Between Siblings

Oftentimes, kids make fun of each other for the most trivial things, including if one of them has braces. Even if it’s in jest, it can still bother the one in treatment. But when you have multiple kids in braces at once, they really have no reason to make fun of each other. Instead, it can even be a bonding experience for siblings as they adjust to new brushing and flossing habits and work toward their new smiles together.

Easier to Deal with Food Restrictions

Your kids will need to get used to sticking to only soft foods that are safe for their braces during their treatment. If you have multiple kids and only one has braces, it can be a bit tricky remembering to switch their diet. But if you have more than one kid in braces at the same time, you can simply remember your kids are going to be eating only soft, non-sticky foods for a while and you can get them used to their new diet more easily. This will also certainly simplify things when going grocery shopping or eating out.

Getting It All Out of the Way

Why go through the hassle two separate times if you can do it just once? If you have your children do their orthodontic treatment at the same time, you can put the process behind you sooner. Most likely, your kids will be able to see their new smiles around the same time as well, which is pretty fun.

It also helps when it comes to regular checkups. You can schedule appointments for your kids at the same time and make the most out of your trips to the orthodontist office.

Save Money by Having More Than One Kid in Braces

Saving time and minimizing stress are great perks of having multiple kids in braces, but you can also save money by doing this as well. Here at Milnor Orthodontics, you can get a discount on orthodontic treatment for more than one child, and we have convenient payment plans that make it even more affordable.

Schedule your free consultation at Milnor Orthodontics today to see what treatment options are right for your kids. Plus, we can give you even more tips and tricks to help your kids have the best possible time while they get their perfect smile.

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