What Are Ceramic Braces?

While traditional braces remain a tried and true way to get excellent results, not everyone will be thrilled at the idea of having metal brackets and wires in their mouth during orthodontic treatment. Lucky for you, there are more options than ever for straightening your teeth, including low-visibility options like ceramic braces.

What Are Ceramic Braces?

Most people tend to picture metal brackets and wires when they think about braces. However, you can get braces made from a specialty ceramic material designed to make your braces less visible. When these little brackets are made for patients, they’re either clear or stained to match the color of your teeth. As a result, they provide a much subtler appearance compared to traditional silver braces.

Benefits of Ceramic Braces

As you might have guessed, one of the main advantages of ceramic braces over conventional braces is the fact that they can’t be seen as easily. You won’t really notice the brackets unless you’re looking for them, which provides an extra sense of confidence for patients who want to preserve the look of their smiles while they complete orthodontic treatment.

But another major benefit of choosing ceramic braces is comfort. The surface of the ceramic is noticeably smoother compared to the traditional metal brackets, which creates a more comfortable wearing experience. While metal braces may feel a bit abrasive before patients get used to them, ceramic braces generally do not.

And of course, you can expect to get to the end of treatment with ceramic braces and reveal a totally new smile. So even with the change in material for your braces, you can still expect fantastic results once your braces are taken off.

Taking Care of Ceramic Braces

Patients who choose ceramic braces should be aware that they are more susceptible to staining. While conventional braces made from metal aren’t going to stain at all, ceramic braces can stain when exposed to certain foods. So not only will you want to avoid crunchy and sticky foods with ceramic braces, but you will also want to avoid dark sauces and sodas, red wine, and coffee as much as you can.

This isn’t necessarily as much of a drawback as it might seem since you’d want to avoid staining your teeth with conventional braces as well. If you do enjoy a dark-colored food or beverage, brushing your teeth immediately after may help.

As always, it’s important to take good care of your teeth and to keep up with a thorough teeth-cleaning routine when you have ceramic braces just as you would with other types of orthodontic treatment.

Are Ceramic Braces Right for Me?

Ultimately, you’ll want to consider what’s most important to you when choosing which type of orthodontic treatment to get. If you have considered getting Invisalign because it is more discreet, but are afraid you aren’t disciplined enough to wear them every day, ceramic braces may be a good compromise between metal braces and plastic aligners.

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