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What Are Custom Braces?

Even just a couple of decades ago, braces were quite a bit different compared to today. If you’ve been apprehensive about starting orthodontic treatment for you or your child, you can rest assured knowing that modern braces are far more advanced than older renditions of orthodontic treatment. One of the most significant innovations in braces in years is custom braces.

What Are Custom Braces?

While any type of orthodontic treatment supervised by a trained, experienced orthodontist involves some level of customization, not all braces are custom braces. Traditionally, the various pieces of braces, including brackets and wires, were made in advance. These elements would be arranged to fit a patient’s smile and guide their teeth based on their specific needs for tooth movement.

The problem? Because they weren’t custom-made for the patient, they didn’t fit very precisely, often resulting in added discomfort, a longer treatment duration, and a higher chance of breaking. And while results from traditional braces are certainly desirable, they still aren’t quite custom.

Custom braces fix all of these issues. Because they are made specifically for a patient’s smile, brackets can be placed exactly where they need to be and wires can be bent to direct the teeth to their desired positions. This makes treatment more comfortable for patients.

Another advantage is they move teeth faster, resulting in shorter treatment time for the patient. The custom fit also allows orthodontists to make more finely-tuned adjustments during appointments, so patients who get these braces won’t have to visit the office as often.

How Are Custom Braces Made?

The process starts with a scan of your mouth, where your orthodontist will quickly generate a digital rendering of your teeth. Using cutting-edge software, your braces will be modeled based on the rendering of your teeth. Once the braces have been digitally fitted on your teeth, plastic placement trays for the brackets are made using a 3D printer and the correct size of brackets are laid out in the trays.

How Are They Applied?

The process of applying custom braces is far less tedious than traditional braces. Called indirect bonding, the plastic trays holding the brackets are placed over your teeth and the brackets are adhered. While this process is completed quickly, the results are incredibly accurate, with all of your brackets placed optimally for your bite at one time.

Does Custom Come at a Higher Cost?

Since the application process is fast and efficient, and you will need to visit the office less often, these innovative braces actually cost the same as conventional braces, despite being a more advanced option.

Here at Milnor Orthodontics, we use the KLOwen custom braces system, which offers a shorter wait time between the first exam and getting your braces put on compared to other brands. Schedule a free consultation today to see if custom braces are right for you!

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