Your braces are removed! What's next

What to Expect When You Have Your Braces Removed

The day has finally arrived! All of your hard work, adjustment appointments and avoiding certain foods has finally paid off. Today is the day your braces are coming off for good! It may be a weird concept to not have your braces any longer. After all, they have become a part of you after all this time, and adjusting to life without them may take some getting used to. So, what happens when your orthodontist removes your braces? Does it hurt? What can you expect? When it comes to this euphoric day, it’s important to remember two things…relax and get ready to experience your beautiful smile.

Braces Removal

Believe it or not, braces are made to come off quite quickly and easily. Using a special instrument designed to remove braces, your orthodontist will gently pop off the brackets from the teeth with ease. This specialized instrument works to locate the weak spots on your braces, so removal is quick and painless. After the wires and brackets are removed, any remaining adhesive will be buffed off your teeth.

Although many young patients may be nervous, there’s nothing to worry about and the process will be over before you even know it. Most patients report feeling slight pressure as the braces are being removed followed by excitement that their treatment is complete!

The Examination

The removal process itself is quick, allowing your orthodontist to examine your teeth and complete the following next steps, which include:

  • Polishing the teeth
  • Taking final records
  • Taking final photos and x-rays
  • Designing your retainer

You’ll then be on your way to enjoying the smile you’ve worked on for so long! You may find yourself glancing in the mirror more often and smiling more…so be prepared.

What Comes Next

Sometimes patients experience slightly swollen gums once braces have been removed. This is extremely common and should dissipate within 48 hours. It’s also common for some light bleeding from the gums while brushing. Don’t avoid brushing because this actually helps reduce the inflammation. Tooth sensitivity may also occur as you get accustomed to not having braces anymore.

Life After Braces

Once your braces have been removed, your post-treatment work will begin. Your orthodontist will fit you for your retainers, which you will be instructed to wear every day, virtually all day at first. This is when the teeth are at the highest risk of shifting. You’ll then graduate to only wearing them at night when your orthodontist feels your teeth are at a lower risk of shifting back. Do not make this decision yourself. Your orthodontist will let you know when the time has come for a change in your retainer wear.

As you can see, getting your braces removed isn’t something to worry about. Instead focus on making the most of your orthodontic journey and take pride in all the hard work you put into your treatment.

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