Affordable Invisalign in Fort Collins

Think Invisalign will cost too much? Think again!

Invisalign® retainer

Get Invisalign for the cost of braces

Our experience and expertise with Invisalign makes this treatment efficient and effective, which means we can offer it for the same cost as braces!

Interest-free* payment plans starting as low as $250 down and $145 per month make it easy to fit this comfortable, invisible treatment option into any budget.

If your dental insurance includes coverage for braces, it most likely can be used for Invisalign too, making monthly payments even more affordable.

At Milnor Orthodontics, we offer Invisalign for kids, teens, and adults because it's convenient and we know it will provide the results our patients want without the hassle of brackets and wires.

If you've ever thought about getting a straighter, healthier smile for your child or yourself, now is the time.


*Payment must be complete by the end of treatment to be interest free.

A new smile is within reach!

To find out if Invisalign is right for you or your child, schedule a consultation at our office. The visit is free and you are under no obligation to start treatment.

Virtual consultations

Milnor Orthodontics offers virtual consultations for new and existing patients. What does this mean for you?

If you aren't ready to come to our office for whatever reason, you can do a free virtual consult to determine what treatment option might be best for you and get an estimate of what it will cost.

Once you start treatment, you can use our Dental Monitoring app to submit photos of your progress and any questions you may have through your phone, drastically reducing the number of trips to our office.

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Meet the Milnor Team

Our team is unlike any other orthodontic team in Fort Collins. We are a group of smart, compassionate women who truly love being together and serving our patients. Our goal is to provide the best quality of care in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Dr. Laura Milnor is a native of Northern Colorado and couldn’t imagine living or working anywhere else. After completing her dental degree and orthodontic residency at the University of Iowa, she returned to Fort Collins and opened her practice. She is an active contributor to several charitable organizations and is a strong proponent of continuing education for both herself and her staff.

What People Are Saying About Milnor

There is nothing that warms our hearts more than hearing from patients who have had a great experience at our office. If you are thinking about coming to our office for Invisalign, we invite you to read some of the testimonials below.

"I am an adult client that shopped four other spots in town. I ultimately chose Dr. Milnor because of the best balance in quality and price. After working with them I was very happy. They use an at home progress monitoring app to send weekly photos and sign off before moving to new aligners. The app also allows direct messaging." ★★★★★ Travis L.

"Dr. Milnor and her team of lovely ladies are nothing short of amazing! I’ve had my Invisalign for just over a year and her advanced knowledge and incorporation of technology has streamlined the process. On the rare occasion I’ve had to go into the office (only like 3x so far) it’s been a great experience. The staff is friendly, the space is adorably modern and overall is a very welcoming place. I have been telling anyone who will listen to go and get a free consult!" ★★★★★ Lauren K.

"I haven’t worn braces since high school almost 20 years ago. Dr. Milnor and her staff welcomed me with open arms, made the process of Invisalign so simple, and the weekly scans are so convenient saving me time from taking off work. Also their COVID protocols are safe for all patients while keeping themselves safe. Highly recommend Dr. Milnor for all ages." ★★★★★ Krystal S.

"It has been so nice working with Dr. Milnor and her staff! They have all been so great with our whole family. My wife and I have both had Invisalign (which is a real breeze) and two of our kids have had their smiles dramatically altered with braces. Our kids love wearing the tie-dyed shirts they were given! Very special treatment all around! Highly recommended!" ★★★★★ Kip H.

"Seriously, this orthodontist office is the BEST! And what makes them the best is the incredible ladies who work there and make it such a wonderful experience.  [They] are always so sweet making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. [Dr. Milnor] truly is amazing, and we are so thankful for her and her team." ★★★★★ Kelley L.

"Amazing amazing orthodontist with an incredibly caring and enthusiastic staff. I've had several good orthodontists before because the industry as a whole is quite good at customer service, but Milnor Orthodontics takes it to the next level. In addition to great customer service, Dr. Milnor is extremely good at keeping up with the latest advancements in the field, so you can expect to receive well-informed, advanced treatment." ★★★★★ Duncan M.

"I feel like they go out of their way to accommodate my schedule. I always get the appointment time I want. They always dress professionally. The entire staff obviously makes an effort to look their best and maintain a very professional appearance. Polite, welcoming, and incredibly friendly are just some of the words I would use to describe them." The A. Family

"I was really happy to be treated so well by the staff. Their friendliness made me feel very welcome. The orthodontist spent a lot of time with me during my visit. They really listened to me and made sure to thoroughly check my teeth. Whenever I come here I always feel valued and important. If you want the best orthodontist in the area, then look no further. " The N. Family