Invisalign First

Start your child's smile right with Invisalign First!

Invisalign First in Ft Collins CO is the perfect way to start fixing your child's smile.

Comfortable. Removable. Effective.

You would want your orthodontic treatment to be all of these things, so why shouldn't your child's treatment be the same?

Invisalign First can correct a child's bite and smile while still allowing them to eat their favorite foods and brush and floss like they always have.

If you're wondering if a child is responsible enough to have Invisalign at age 7, or even age 10, they are. Our young patients have proven time and again how seriously they take this treatment and have finished with amazing results.

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To learn more about Invisalign First and early intervention, schedule a consultation for your child at our office. The visit is free and you are under no obligation to start treatment.

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For Some Kids, Early Treatment Is Best

Early orthodontic treatment can provide ample space for adult teeth, encourage proper jaw growth, eliminate harmful habits like thumb-sucking, and increase your child’s self-esteem if they are embarrassed by their smile.

Solving certain issues between the ages of 7 and 10 while the jaws are still developing can make the treatment easier on your child and your budget.

At Milnor Orthodontics, we regularly monitor kids for free until treatment is needed, even if that isn't until they are in their teens.

Learn about the benefits of early orthodontic treatment from the best orthodontist in Ft Collins

Meet the Milnor Team

Our team is unlike any other orthodontic team in Fort Collins. We are a group of smart, compassionate women who truly love being together and serving our patients. Our goal is to provide the best quality of care in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Dr. Laura Milnor is a native of Northern Colorado and couldn’t imagine living or working anywhere else. After completing her dental degree and orthodontic residency at the University of Iowa, she returned to Fort Collins and opened her practice. She is an active contributor to several charitable organizations and is a strong proponent of continuing education for both herself and her staff.

What People Are Saying About Milnor Orthodontics

There is nothing that warms our hearts more than hearing from patients who have had a great experience at our office. If you are thinking about coming to our office for Invisalign or braces, we invite you to read some of the testimonials below.

"The staff are always super nice and kind and friendly. They all love their jobs, which is a good sign. Dr. Milnor does a great job fixing crooked teeth. My daughter hasn't been in braces for very long and her teeth are almost perfect. They were quite crooked to start. You won't be disappointed in choosing this orthodontist and her helpers. They do a great job!" ★★★★★ @anavaht

"The entire staff is always friendly and very knowledgeable. They take the time to educate on caring for braces as well as answering any questions/concerns. They have made my son's journey to a perfect smile so great." ★★★★★ @Alejandra S.

"Dr. Milnor and her assistants are the greatest. They really understand how to work with kids (and adults), and they've always been so helpful and kind to me and my kids. The kids' teeth and bites are so much better now. Thank you!" ★★★★★ @Debra W.

"It has been so nice working with Dr. Milnor and her staff! They have all been so great with our whole family. My wife and I have both had Invisalign (which is a real breeze) and two of our kids have had their smiles dramatically altered with braces. Our kids love wearing the tie-dyed shirts they were given! Very special treatment all around! Highly recommended!" ★★★★★ Kip H.

"Seriously, this orthodontist office is the BEST! And what makes them the best is the incredible ladies who work there and make it such a wonderful experience.  [They] are always so sweet making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. [Dr. Milnor] truly is amazing, and we are so thankful for her and her team." ★★★★★ Kelley L.

"They are amazing here!!! Daughter just got her braces not too long ago and loves everyone at the orthodontist office!!!" The C. Family

"I feel like they go out of their way to accommodate my schedule. I always get the appointment time I want. They always dress professionally. The entire staff obviously makes an effort to look their best and maintain a very professional appearance. Polite, welcoming, and incredibly friendly are just some of the words I would use to describe them." The A. Family

"I was really happy to be treated so well by the staff. Their friendliness made me feel very welcome. The orthodontist spent a lot of time with me during my visit. They really listened to me and made sure to thoroughly check my teeth. Whenever I come here I always feel valued and important. If you want the best orthodontist in the area, then look no further. " The N. Family