Patient Referral Program

Welcome to Our Patient Referral Program!

Referrals are not only our favorite form of flattery, they are also an amazing source of business for our practice.

We love that we’re making you happy and that you want to help spread the word! As a thank you for your kindness, we're offering a FREE GIFT.

For this month, the referral gift is a free Sonicare electric toothbrush!

Referral Gift

Two Ways to Earn the Gift

  1. Use the form at the right to provide the name and email address for someone who may be interested in starting braces or Invisalign in the near future. If the person you refer starts treatment, you AND the person referred will both earn the prize.**

  2. Have a friend or family member mention your name during their initial exam before they sign-up for treatment.

**You earn the prize for the month in which the referral starts treatment, not the month you submitted their name/email.

Submit Your Referrals Below

When you recommend Milnor Orthodontics to your friends and family, we see it as the highest compliment we can receive. Thank you for being such a wonderful patient, we are honored to work with you.