Eco-Friendly Dental Products

It can be hard to do what’s best for your dental health and the environment, but look no further than these sustainable and superior swaps. A healthy smile and a healthy planet go hand-in-hand with these eco-friendly products. From products that forgo plastics to other zero-waste swaps, check out these innovative tools you can use to protect your smile and the Earth.

CoCo Floss

We all know flossing is incredibly important in any oral hygiene routine. Not only is Coco Floss made with 500+ textured filaments to scrub teeth clean of pesky plaque, it’s also made with natural, safe materials like coconut oil. Cocofloss is also completely vegan and is never tested on animals. Interested in switching up your floss routine? You can try out this great-tasting effective floss today! Your team at Milnor Orthodontics has CocoFloss available to buy at your next appointment.

Bite Fresh Toothpaste

Did you know the average American leaves the faucet on while they’re brushing their teeth? That’s a waste of an average 43 gallons of water (literally) going down the drain every year. Make sure you’re switching off that faucet while you brush, or even better, use these portable toothpaste tablets made with less water and more of the teeth-cleaning good stuff. Best of all, it’s TSA approved, unlike a tube of regular toothpaste. 

The refillable toothpaste tablets are packaged without any plastics, which is good news for the planet. Did you know that over 1 billion plastic toothpaste tubes are thrown out each year? Plastics don’t break down in landfills for hundreds of years and lead to pollution of the environment.

Sustainable Toothpaste

If you prefer to stick with a more traditional style of toothpaste, this mostly plastic-free, recyclable toothpaste container contains natural ingredients like bamboo, salt and pine tree oil to freshen breath, clear away bacteria and reduce gum swelling. 

Bamboo Electric Toothbrush

This toothbrush is made from the fastest growing, renewable resource on the planet: bamboo! The bristles are made from castor seed oil, an oral-friendly material that breaks down in your home compost bin in a little over three months. Eco-friendly toothbrushes are taking over sustainable bathrooms already. However, this toothbrush is different because it combines earth-friendly material with the high-powered cleaning of an electric toothbrush.

Mouthwash Tabs

For another sustainable swap, these mouthwash tabs also use zero plastic in their packaging and reduce water use in rinsing. This solid mouthwash tab fizzes on the tip of your tongue as soon as you take a swish of water. Not only are these tabs better for the planet, they’re great for when you need a refreshing rinse on the go.


Nowadays, there are tons of eco-friendly alternatives to traditional household and hygiene products. You can go green and still get the best oral care. If you have questions about trying a new product to green up your dental routine, you can always speak with your team at Milnor Orthodontics for recommendations on the best products to pair with your orthodontic treatment.

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