How Do Orthodontic Virtual Consultations Work?

If the past year has taught the world anything, it’s there’s quite a bit that can be accomplished from home thanks to digital technology. And while people are starting to come back together again, many of the innovations generated over the past year are here to stay. One of those is the practice of doing virtual orthodontic consultations. So, how exactly does a virtual consultation work?

How to Complete a Virtual Consultation at Milnor Orthodontics

The first step in the process is to gather photos of your teeth using your smartphone. Be sure to keep the lights turned up and that each photo is in focus. You will also want to take images from multiple angles so your orthodontist can get a good look at your teeth.

The next step is to text the best photos of each angle to our office along with your name and contact information. We’ll review your photos and send you a customized report detailing any issues found, the severity of each issue, and which treatment options are recommended for you. You’ll also get an estimate on how much each treatment option is expected to cost.

While this won’t take the place of your in-person consultation, it’s a great way to get the process started and answer many of the questions you might have about starting treatment.

Orthodontic Technology Solutions

Offering virtual consultations isn’t the only way our office uses the latest technology to help patients improve their smiles. When you visit us for your in-person consultation, you can expect to skip the annoying putty other practices use. Our office uses the iTero scanner, a sleek device that gathers detailed impressions of your teeth without having to use the old, uncomfortable method of using putty. Instead, the scanner captures images digitally and takes far less time than the traditional way of gathering dental impressions.

You can also get a real-time look at the images of your teeth appearing along with a digital rendering of what your progress will look like with treatment.

Another piece of advanced technology we use at our practice is the Dental Monitoring system. In particular, patients with Invisalign can use this system to reduce the number of visits they will need to make to the office. It works by having you take photos of the inside of your mouth using guidance from the app. You’ll then send these images to your orthodontist, who will let you know if you are ready to move on to your next set of aligners.

You can also reduce your required number of visits when you choose custom braces, which offer better results in less time. And thanks to the reduced number of required visits, they’re offered at the same price as traditional braces.

All of these technology solutions help patients gain more freedom to do what they love by reducing your need to visit the office. However, nothing can replace the care and attention of having an orthodontist supervise and manage your treatment, which is why we use technology to improve the treatment process rather than replace having an orthodontist.

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