How Often Do I Need to Go to the Orthodontist During Treatment?

There’s nothing quite as precious as time. So when you start orthodontic treatment to get your new smile, you’ll naturally be wondering how often you’ll need to make a trip to the office for checkups. The answer to this question ultimately depends on what treatment option you get and which office you choose. Here’s what you can expect when you complete treatment at Milnor Orthodontics.

Why Are Follow-Up Visits Necessary?

While patients used to never give a second thought about needing to visit the orthodontist for checkups, mail-order braces companies have been popping up and promising patients they can complete treatment entirely from home. While this may sound appealing, it’s ultimately far riskier for patients. This process completely ignores the personal attention of an orthodontist along with the need for getting x-rays and dental impressions or 3D images in person.

Getting checkups from a skilled orthodontist is key to getting the results you want without causing any negative repercussions on your smile. An orthodontist who is paying close attention will also be able to help you properly clean your teeth, protect your orthodontics appliances, and ultimately, complete treatment on time.

Dental Monitoring

A safe way to skip some trips to the orthodontist’s office is to use Dental Monitoring. This clever app comes with a mouthpiece that helps you take clear photos of your teeth you can send to your orthodontist. This system allows you to complete some checkups from home, reducing the amount of times you need to physically visit the office.

You’ll still need to make a trip to the orthodontist’s office to get periodic x-rays and close inspections of your teeth, which makes Dental Monitoring far different than mail-order braces. Plus, this process also still begins with a trip to the office to meet the orthodontist and team, have a thorough exam, and receive the right personalized treatment plan for you or your child.

How Often Do I Need Checkups with Braces?

If you choose to start orthodontic treatment with braces, you’ll want to plan on visiting the office about every six to eight weeks at the beginning of treatment, and every four to six weeks toward the end. These checkups are important for monitoring how your brackets and wires are holding up while also ensuring your teeth are progressing at the right rate. Some of these visits will include adjusting your braces to move on to the next phase of treatment.

At Milnor Orthodontics, we check our patients’ progress in between these visits by having them submit images through Dental Monitoring every two weeks. These images show the speed of their tooth movement and whether or not they are keeping their teeth clean and healthy with their flossing and brushing habits.

How Often Do I Need Checkups with Invisalign?

For Invisalign, plan on needing checkups every week when you are being treated at Milnor Orthodontics. However, since you can use Dental Monitoring to take care of some checkups at home, this doesn’t mean you’ll need to make weekly trips. Instead, you can go on vacation, enjoy a weekend in nature, or simply relax at home your way without having to make a visit to the office. Most often, patients find they can move on to the next set of trays on a weekly basis, allowing them to complete treatment and get their new smile on time.

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