How to Get Your Pre-Teen Excited about Braces

Let’s talk tooth-truth, shall we? We know it is not an easy task to get your kid on board with having braces, and even though we’re in the business of doing just that–we get it. Yes, braces aren’t a teen’s favorite thing at times. But there are ways to get your pre-teen excited about braces.

Talk about the Benefits of Getting Braces or Invisalign

Yes, your kid won’t necessarily want to flash metal in every photo, or take on the responsibility of wearing clear aligners. But what they will want is to do the work to get the smile they’ve always wanted. Chat with your pre-teen about the long-game of getting orthodontic treatment,  show them some before and after photos or talking about what can happen to their bite if they forgo treatment. 

If your pre-teen is still acting like, well, a pre-teen, then talk to them about ways they can customize their gear once they get it. The options now available give your kid the freedom to choose the look of their braces or aligners, which is essential in a world where nearly everything is customizable.

WildSmiles Braces and Colors Galore

Milnor Orthodontics offers WildSmiles Braces, which allows your teen to get creative with their chompers. The customizable line has metal brackets shaped like stars, hearts, sports balls, flowers, or diamonds, so your kid can personalize their look. 

WildSmiles gives a unique, quirky option for pre-teens who want to get a better smile in style. The brackets function exactly the same as standard ones, and patients also have the ability to add colored bands to personalize their look even more. WildSmiles has options for Disney lovers and sports fans as well, allowing your pre-teen to show their pride every time they smile.

Personalizing Invisalign with Stickers

If your pre-teen is leaning towards getting Invisalign clear aligners, there are still ways to spice up the otherwise plain dental accessory. Invisalign offers Invisalign Stickables, which are essentially emojis brought to life. Your kid will love decorating their aligners to match whatever mood they’re in. 

The brand currently offers stickers in the following categories:

  • Fantasy
  • Animals 
  • Emojis
  • Food
  • Letters and numbers
  • Travel
  • Sports, 
  • Holidays
  • Limited edition shapes

The stickers themselves are made from a water-resistant multi-layer plastic material and have been biocompatibility tested, making them safe for your pre-teen.

These fun options should help your preteen feel inspired and excited about orthodontic treatment. Let Milnor Orthodontics know if you’re still struggling with having your pre-teen sign on for orthodontic treatment and we would be happy to schedule a Virtual Smile Assessment. We have seen thousands of smiles come through our doors and know the exact pain points your pre-teen might be going over in their head. 

Something that doesn’t give instant gratification is hard to argue in today’s culture, but our team knows how to break things down in a way your child will understand. Together, we can cover the pros of getting braces or clear aligners and help your kid see that even something often considered unpleasant can be fun.

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