How to Make Orthodontic Treatment Fun

Many patients, especially kids and teens, may be worried about how having braces or Invisalign will affect them.Tell them not to worry, because there are many ways to make orthodontic treatment fun!

Express Yourself with WildSmiles Braces

You wear braces to achieve that final result: a dazzling smile, but that doesn’t mean the process itself can’t be fun! Milnor Orthodontics offers a variety of personalization options for braces. You’ll love expressing yourself with WildSmiles Braces. WildSmiles offers the same premium and safe orthodontic treatment as regular braces, but adds a flash of pizzaz by letting patients choose and combine unique bracket shapes. You can design your braces to be just as unique as you are, with shapes from stars, hearts, and diamonds, to even Mickey Mouse.

Add Some Color to Your Smile

If you’re looking for a splashy way to have a more vivid smile, you can deck out your silver wires and brackets with a plethora of hues. Besides already looking forward to the friendly faces of the Milnor crew, you can look forward to switching up your elastic band colors at every visit. Use your favorite colors, show school spirit by wearing your team colors, or celebrate the holidays by coloring your smile.

Make Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment Fun Too

If Invisalign treatment works best for you, there are still plenty of ways to make the orthodontic experience truly your own.

With Invisalign, you can choose the color of your case and customize it with stickers to make it undeniably you. Or, choose one of the dozens of pre-printed designs from Invisalign. Invisalign offers Stickables, which are safe, water-resistant stickers you can deck out your aligners with. Whether you like animals, emojis, food, sports, or something else, you can add your favorites to your smile.

Not only is it fun to customize your smile, it is also a blast to watch the transformation of your smile from visit to visit. Be sure to take plenty of selfies to track your smile journey from visit to visit.

Discover New Foods

While there are some things you have to adjust to when going through orthodontic treatment, adjusting the kinds of foods you eat could potentially be the biggest change. But with any change, there’s the potential for exploring the new and unexpected. Swapping out your favorite super crunchy, chewy, sugary snacks for food that’ll be more braces friendly can introduce you to a new favorite food you might not have tried otherwise. By eliminating sugary foods that can cause tooth decay while wearing braces or aligners, you’ll also be eliminating foods that are bad for your health in other ways.

Keep in mind, you’re never going through your orthodontic treatment alone. While your team at Milnor is always here to provide support and answer questions, you may just find that plenty of your friends are going through treatment at the same time. Going through braces together can be fun, from coordinating braces colors or having a braces-related book club to swapping recipes for your favorite braces-friendly treats. Going through a transformative experience like orthodontic treatment at the same time as a friend can help strengthen your bond.

We all know the perfect smile waiting for you at the end of your orthodontic treatment will be well worth it. But remember, it’s also about the journey, not just the destination. Milnor Orthodontics offers a variety of ways to help support you and your smile, and to make orthodontic treatment fun.

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