Braces for Parents

The Benefits of You and Your Child Having Braces at the Same Time

Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you can’t get a beautiful smile! If your child needs braces,…

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Kniley Milnor Orthodontics Assistant

10 Fun Facts about Kinley

Milnor Orthodontics is an amazing place to come to get your dream smile! Here, our patients’ comfort and…

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Woman in braces

More Women than Ever are Getting Orthodontic Treatment

Not to quote Beyoncé or anything, but girls run the world. Women in this society are more empowered…

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Taking care of braces

Taking Care of Teeth with New Braces

So you got braces. What’s next? Braces are amazing and you should be thrilled about being on this…

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Learn what to expect when getting braces for the first time.

What to Expect With New Braces

So, you just got braces? Your teeth are officially on their way to being perfectly straight and healthy!…

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Drinking soda with braces

Drinking Soda with Braces

We all like to indulge in a little unhealthy treat on occasion, but with braces, you should be…

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First Orthodontic Appointment

8 Questions to Ask at Your First Orthodontist Appointment

You’ve made the decision to get braces, or at least, you’ve decided to start talking to orthodontists. Great!…

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Orthodontist at work

What Makes a Good Orthodontist?

Finding the perfect orthodontist is crucial to making your treatment as enjoyable as possible for you, but how…

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Back to school with braces

Going Back to School with New Braces

Your high school years are some of the best years of your life, and there’s no reason to…

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Dr. Laura Milnor

15 Fun Facts About Dr. Milnor

Here at Milnor Orthodontics, we want you to have the most relaxed and enjoyable experience each and every…

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Orthodontic Myths

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Teeth or Braces

Throughout the years, we’ve heard a lot of different advice given about oral hygiene, braces and teeth in…

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Allie our financial & insurance coordinator

10 Fun Facts About Allie

Being on the road to getting a beautiful smile is an amazing experience in itself, but having a…

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