What Should I Do if I Stopped Wearing My Retainer

What Should I Do if I Stopped Wearing My Retainer?

It may have become damaged, lost in a move, or you may have simply decided you no longer…

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Every wonder why your braces have rubber bands in Ft Collins CO?

Why Do My Braces Have Rubber Bands on Them?

Now that you have a set of braces, you may be wondering what all of the different parts…

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Learn from the best orthodontist in Fort Collins CO what smoking and vaping with braces can do to your smile.

What Smoking and Vaping with Braces Does to Your Teeth

If you are thinking about starting orthodontic treatment, odds are you also care about keeping your teeth healthy.…

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Learn how tongue thrusting can affect your braces or Invisalign in Ft Collins CO

How Tongue Thrusting Can Affect Your Braces or Invisalign

Sometimes, people can’t help but get in their own way when trying to reach a goal, and getting…

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Moving with braces

How to Move in the Middle of Braces or Invisalign

So, you’re in the middle of your braces or Invisalign treatment when suddenly you’re relocating and need to…

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Different orthodontic retainers

Why Would My Orthodontist Give Me a Retainer Without Braces?

There are many different aspects to orthodontic treatment, and each patient requires a different treatment plan. But what…

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clear braces

Lightforce Clear Braces

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional braces and you don’t qualify for Invisalign, clear braces are…

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Middle School Kid Get Braces

Should My Middle School Kid Get Braces?

The short answer: Yes! Why should my middle school kid get braces? Orthodontic evaluations at an early age…

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lose baby teeth

Why Do We Lose Baby Teeth?

Have you ever wondered why we spend so much time taking care of our baby teeth that we…

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eco-friendly dental products

Eco-Friendly Dental Products

It can be hard to do what’s best for your dental health and the environment, but look no…

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orthodontic treatment through the ages

Orthodontic Treatment Through the Ages

The desire for a healthier, straighter smile has existed with humans from the early ages. Although orthodontic science…

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drink monster with braces

Can You Drink Monster with Braces?

For some people, their day can revolve around energy drinks like Monster. For those with braces or Invisalign…

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