dry mouth with invisalign

Battling Dry Mouth with Invisalign or Braces

Though it isn’t a deal-breaker, dry mouth and bad breath are major inconveniences that come with orthodontic treatment.…

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easter treats for braces

Best Easter Treats for Braces

Your orthodontist might not be best pals with the Easter Bunny, but they certainly don’t have to be…

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orthodontic treatment fun

How to Make Orthodontic Treatment Fun

Many patients, especially kids and teens, may be worried about how having braces or Invisalign will affect them.Tell…

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excited about braces

How to Get Your Pre-Teen Excited about Braces

Let’s talk tooth-truth, shall we? We know it is not an easy task to get your kid on…

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does invisalign make retainers

Does Invisalign Make Retainers?

Milnor Orthodontics is a practice that stands behind the streamlined science of Invisalign. Our team has helped patients…

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wear your retainer

Do Retainers Have to Be Replaced?

With how often you wear your retainer post-aligner treatment, it can feel like you and your retainer are…

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Things About Retainers You May Not Know

Once we start our orthodontic journey, we quickly become familiar with post-care options and routines. Most patients will…

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invisalign retention

What Is Invisalign Retention Phase?

Committing to bettering your smile takes dedication; you and your orthodontist work together to collaborate on reaching your…

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Orthodontic Technology

Not Your Mother’s Braces: How Orthodontic Technology Has Changed

Keeping up with current technology is a constant battle within industries we deal with everyday. As new developments…

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Invisalign First

Is Your Child Ready for Invisalign First?

There’s a big difference between being a worry-wart parent and a proactive caregiver when it comes to your…

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living with braces

Life Hacks For Living With Braces

Are braces in your near future? If so, we predict you might have some questions about what’s in…

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braces cause or correct lisp

Can Braces Correct or Cause a Lisp?

There are multiple types of bite issues that may be getting in your way of clear speech. It’s…

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