Unique Ways to Pay for Invisalign or Braces

While you’ll certainly love imagining the great results once you’ve finished orthodontic treatment with Invisalign or braces, we don’t blame you if you aren’t so excited about paying for treatment. Here are some unique ways to pay for Invisalign or braces.

Start Cooking More Meals at Home

No, this isn’t just another cliche budgeting tip on how to be more responsible with your money. If you’re going to get treatment with braces, you’ll need to figure out which braces-friendly meals you’ll enjoy the most. It helps to start experimenting with different foods before you start treatment, so you can be ready once your braces are on.

And as you cook more meals at home instead of ordering takeout or delivery, you’ll find yourself saving up for your braces in the process.

See Which Subscriptions You Don’t Need Anymore

Okay, now we’re getting a little bit into cliche budgeting territory. But if you want to make Invisalign or braces more affordable, it only makes sense to stop paying for subscriptions that are just sucking your money away. One great tool you can check out is Truebill, which helps you optimize and manage your subscriptions. You’ll likely find you’ve been sending money out of your bank account on services you totally forgot about or don’t need anymore.

Not only will doing this help you save money for braces, but you’ll likely find it to be a good budgeting tool to use moving forward.

Use HSA or FSA Funds to Pay for Invisalign or Braces

Choosing an HSA or FSA plan is a great way to set aside funds for medical expenses that aren’t covered by regular insurance. Getting a new smile with Invisalign or braces is a great use of the money you’ve set aside. This is especially true if you have an FSA and you want to make sure you use your funds before they expire. And if you’ve been rolling over money each year in your HSA, why not put it to good use by straightening your teeth?

Paying for Treatment at Milnor Orthodontics

Of course, we offer plenty of great payment options here at our office. For one, we accept all major dental insurance policies, so be sure to check with your provider to see how much of your treatment will be covered. You may get a portion of your Invisalign or braces covered for you.

We also offer convenient financing options through OrthoFi, with down payments as low as $250 and monthly payments as low as $145. You can use their intuitive sliding scale tool to select the payment option that works best for you.

We also accept Care Credit, which is a credit card you can use specifically for medical purposes. What’s great about this option is you can select very low payments with a variety of repayment term options.

To learn more about paying for orthodontic treatment and to see which treatment options could be right for you, contact Milnor Orthodontics and schedule your free consultation today!

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