Discover how Dental Monitoring combined with the invisible orthodontic treatment of Invisalign can make getting a beautiful smile easy and convenient.

What Orthodontists Love About Dental Monitoring

Ever since Invisalign was introduced back in 1999, it’s been a highly sought-after solution for orthodontic treatment thanks to the convenience it offers and the fact that you can go through treatment with a clear smile. But this modern orthodontic treatment option is now being catapulted into the future thanks to the Dental Monitoring system.

What Is Dental Monitoring?

Patients who get orthodontic treatment have the option of even more freedom while their teeth are being straightened thanks to the Dental Monitoring system. This clever solution helps both patients and orthodontists by allowing patients who have Invisalign to conduct some of their checkups remotely.

It doesn’t replace in-person checkups altogether, but it does significantly reduce the number of times patients will need to visit the office while they complete treatment with Invisalign.

How Does Dental Monitoring Work?

The Dental Monitoring system is fairly simple and straightforward to use. You’ll download the Dental Monitoring app to your smartphone and create your secure profile. This will allow you to communicate with your orthodontist about your treatment progress.

The system comes with a special device that easily fits inside your mouth and allows you to gather images of your teeth. You attach your phone to the device and take photos of your teeth from multiple angles. The app will guide you through the process so the resulting images are useful for your orthodontist.

Once you’ve taken the photos, you will then send them to your orthodontist for them to evaluate. If they determine that your teeth are progressing enough, they’ll give you the green light to move on to your next set of trays.

While not having to visit the orthodontist sounds a bit similar to many types of mail-order braces, the key difference is this system does not replace all in-person visits, and your treatment is overseen by an experienced orthodontist. You will still visit the office for x-rays and professional digital images before your start treatment, and in-person checkups will be required every now and then. However, you will be able to finish treatment with fewer appointments using Dental Monitoring.

Why Use Dental Monitoring?

The freedom this system offers greatly improves the patient experience. Rather than being tied down to the place you live due to needing to make it to your appointments, you’ll have longer stretches of time in between in-person checkups. So if you want to schedule that cross-country road trip you’ve been wanting to take or use that extra hour to hit the gym, there will be nothing holding you back.

This system also helps orthodontists by allowing us to see patients both in person and virtually, which inevitably helps all of our patients.

Overall, Dental Monitoring makes an already innovative orthodontic treatment system even better. Not only will you be able to enjoy a more confident smile, increased comfort, and more convenience while you straighten your teeth with clear aligners, but you’ll also be able to make more time for you.

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