The Milnor Orthodontic team

Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome to the Milnor Orthodontics Blog! This is a new resource for our practice that will cover a variety of topics from orthodontic tips to featured staff stories.

We want to engage with our patients and future patients as much as possible and think this a great way for you to learn more about us and your orthodontic treatment.

This orthodontic blog is for all of our patients and readers, so please let us know if there are any topics you’d like us to cover.

Upcoming Topics

Here’s a list of some upcoming topics to watch for:

  • Doctor and employee spotlights to get to know us a little better
  • The cost of braces and dental insurance
  • The difference between Invisalign and classic silver braces
  • The different types of Invisalign and how they work
  • The differences between the orthodontist and the dentist
  • How orthodontics has changed in the last 20 years
  • The best timeline for seeing an orthodontist
  • Why you need braces
  • What an orthodontist does
  • What to do when something goes wrong with braces

Milnor Orthodontics is dedicated to welcoming our patients with the best customer service to make them feel right at home. We want the same thing for this blog and hope to see you here often!

Contact Us

If you have suggestions for future orthodontic blog topics, let us know by calling our office at (970) 484-3214 or sending us a message on Facebook .

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