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What Scares Orthodontists the Most on Halloween?

The time to put together your fun costume and stock up on sweet treats is finally here! Spooky season is in full swing, and there are plenty of ways to get in the holiday spirit, like decorating your house with jack-o-lanterns and ghostly faces, watching scary movies making ghoulish snacks and cookies. While your orthodontist will appreciate hearing about your frightful Halloween plans or seeing the creepy costume you came up with, here’s what scares orthodontists the most.

Some Halloween Candy Scares Orthodontists

There are lots of fun braces-friendly candy you can eat on Halloween to satisfy your sweet tooth. However, there are also lots of potential ways you can damage your braces with Halloween candy. In particular, you should avoid chewy or crunchy candies completely. Things like toffee and nuts are usually too hard for the brackets and wires to handle, and you could wind up needing to schedule an emergency appointment to get brackets replaced. Another bad type of candy to eat with braces is anything chewy, such as caramel or taffy.

Luckily, regular chocolate bars or softer treats like cookies and brownies are totally safe for you to eat.

Trying DIY Braces or Mail-Order Braces

The phenomenon of DIY braces tutorials is actually a real-life nightmare for orthodontists. These online videos encourage people to try to make braces from household objects, like paperclips, rubber bands, and wires. Needless to say, there’s a huge potential to cause serious harm by attempting to create braces and straighten your own teeth.

While not quite as scary as DIY braces tutorials, many new companies are offering “mail-order” braces that people order online. While they’re sold as affordable and convenient alternatives to conventional orthodontic treatments, they don’t involve the supervision of an orthodontist, which makes them a risky option to pursue.

Not Cleaning Your Teeth

The last thing you should think when you have braces or Invisalign is that you can be relaxed about brushing or flossing. In fact, you’ll want to up the ante when it comes to your daily cleaning habits. The results of orthodontic treatment will make you less vulnerable to tooth decay, but the actual process will make you more susceptible to plaque buildup. Ideally, you should brush after every meal, floss once per day, and supplement your cleaning with a water flosser or rinsing with mouthwash. You should also schedule checkups with your dentist more often.

It’s okay to enjoy a little extra sugar on Halloween, but be sure to spend an equal amount of extra time getting your teeth clean after the festivities and before you head to bed for the night.

Believing Myths About Braces

If there’s anything that scares orthodontists the most, it’s when people are misinformed about orthodontic treatment. There are some common myths out there about braces you simply shouldn’t believe, like braces will set off metal detectors, get you struck by lightning, or will get locked with another person’s braces if you try to kiss them.

Another common myth is that braces are very painful. While there’s some mild discomfort that comes with getting braces adjusted, it only lasts for a few hours. When it comes to getting informed about braces, it’s best to get your knowledge from the professionals!

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