When Can I Get My Braces Off?

There is always one question on the top of patients’ minds when they first start orthodontic treatment: “When can I get my braces off?” A quick answer to this is that it will be quite a bit sooner than it would have been in the past thanks to advancements in orthodontic treatment. But ultimately, the duration of treatment depends on your treatment plan and how well you manage your braces.

How Long Will My Braces Be On?

The average time patients have braces tends to be at least a year, with some patients needing three years or longer to complete treatment if they have severe crowding, spacing, or other malocclusions.

However, patients who get braces to straighten their teeth can now choose custom braces. Not only do custom braces offer superior results at no additional cost, but they also allow you to finish treatment 20-40% faster than traditional braces. By choosing custom braces, you can expect a shorter treatment duration and fewer required visits since the precise fit of your braces moves your teeth with greater precision.

Managing Your Treatment

Choosing the right treatment option for you is just one part of the equation when it comes to the speed of your treatment. The other factor that will determine when you can get your braces off is how well you manage your treatment.

For one, making it to your checkup appointments on time is vital if you want to avoid delays. If you miss an appointment, it may be difficult to reschedule at an optimal time. Thankfully, this will be less likely to occur when you need fewer checkups with custom braces, but any missed appointments will result in your completion date being pushed back slightly.

It’s also important to avoid any damage to your braces. Sticking to the guidelines from your orthodontist, including avoiding crunchy foods and chewy candies, will help keep your braces in good condition. If you participate in team sports where impacts to the face can occur, such as basketball, football, or soccer, you’ll want to always remember your orthodontic mouthguard. If you do end up damaging your braces, schedule an appointment to have your braces repaired as soon as you can.

Another important part of braces maintenance is brushing and flossing regularly and thoroughly to avoid plaque buildup and sore or swollen gums.

Switching to Invisalign

If you are ready to not have braces but you aren’t quite done with your treatment, you may be able to switch to Invisalign .

At Milnor Orthodontics, we’ll offer you this option during one of your checkup appointments if we determine the rotation of your teeth and level of crowding or spacing that still needs correction can be done using clear aligners. This way, you won’t have to worry about food restrictions and you’ll get to enjoy an uncluttered smile while you wrap up treatment.

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