Your Teen Just Got Invisalign, Now What?

A great way for your teen to improve their smile and to enjoy their time in orthodontic treatment is to get Invisalign Teen. This orthodontic treatment system is designed with teens in mind and offers superior comfort and reduced visibility, making for a better experience during treatment. So, what can you expect when your teen starts treatment with Invisalign?

About Invisalign Teen

Invisalign comes in a variety of forms for different types of patients, including Invisalign Teen. This variation is designed to accommodate any incoming molars and comes with extra aligners in case they lose or break any during treatment. Each aligner has little indicator strips that can let you and the orthodontist know if your teen has been wearing their aligners for the proper amount of time each day.

Invisalign Teen is a complete Invisalign treatment and can fix the same range of orthodontic issues as Invisalign Full.

Once your teen starts treatment with their set of clear, plastic aligners, they’ll be on their way to a better smile. Thanks to the removable trays, they won’t need to worry about adjusting their diet to avoid damaging their orthodontic appliances during meals. And since the aligners are invisible, they’ll feel much less self-conscious about starting treatment.

Living with Invisalign Teen

Most teens tend to do well with taking care of their aligners. And since the treatment plan covers a few lost aligners, there’s little to worry about for teens who start treatment with Invisalign. You can help your teen keep track of their trays by reminding them to keep them inside their case during meals or other times when they’ll want to take out. Keeping them inside their case away from heat is the best way to guarantee they won’t get damaged or lost.

Your teen will also have the freedom to remove their aligners during musical performances and athletic events, with the latter being highly recommended, particularly for contact sports, so a protective mouthguard can be worn. This is a major benefit of Invisalign that is especially helpful for teens.

Being able to remove the aligners also makes it easier for teens to thoroughly brush and floss every day and reduces the chances of tooth decay compared to other orthodontic treatment systems.

Invisalign Teen with Dental Monitoring

One option you should look into for your teen is the Dental Monitoring system, which uses an app and a photo guide device to help your teen complete their treatment with fewer in-office appointments. They’ll be able to take photos of their teeth and send them in to have their orthodontist assess their progress. If their teeth movement is on track, they can simply move on to their next set of trays.

Not only does this system give your teen more freedom, but it also keeps them more involved and on top of their treatment, making it more likely that they’ll take it seriously.

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