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Thanks for your interest in braces at Milnor Orthodontics. We will be announcing the Free Braces winner at the beginning of next month.

In the meantime, we thought you might enjoy reading these:

Enjoy these 5 summer desserts without damaging your braces in Ft Collins CO

5 Summer Desserts that Won’t Break Your Braces

While eating high amounts of sugar is something to avoid, we all have to satisfy our sweet tooth every once in a while. And with…

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Learn what rubber bands on braces in Ft Collins CO do

Are the Rubber Bands on Braces Really That Important?

Today’s braces seem fairly simple, yet they are more sophisticated than ever. The precise combination of metal brackets, wires, and bands works to move your…

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eating with braces. What are some good substitutions?

Great Food Substitutions for When You Have Braces

One of the several adjustments you’ll have to make when you get braces is adhering to some food restrictions. Even though it may seem like…

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