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Thanks for your interest in braces at Milnor Orthodontics. We will be announcing the Free Braces winner at the beginning of next month.

In the meantime, we thought you might enjoy reading these:

Discover why your teen's braces are taking longer in Fort Collins CO

Why Are My Braces Taking Longer Than Expected?

When patients begin orthodontic treatment with braces, there is always be the inevitable question of when they will be done. While we can give you…

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Discover all the fun ways to personalize braces or Invisalign in Fort Collins CO

Fun Ways to Personalize Braces or Invisalign

Many kids and teens aren’t exactly thrilled about having to wear braces or Invisalign on their teeth. However, you can also think of this time…

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Learn from the best orthodontist in Fort Collins CO what smoking and vaping with braces can do to your smile.

What Smoking and Vaping with Braces Does to Your Teeth

If you are thinking about starting orthodontic treatment, odds are you also care about keeping your teeth healthy. One important health concern when it comes…

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