Invisalign First for Early Orthodontic Treatment in Ft. Collins

invisalign first in fort collins co

With Invisalign® First, we can fix crooked teeth and spacing in your child’s smile without the use of brackets and wires, even at age 7.

How does Invisalign First move teeth?

Invisalign First works the same way as Invisalign for teens and adults, except at a faster pace. A series of plastic aligners are inserted over the teeth to shift them into place. Because a young child’s teeth move relatively easily, new aligners are introduced about every three days instead of every two weeks.

The benefits of using Invisalign First for children

While a child may be less self-conscious about having braces at this age than a teen or adult, Invisalign First still offers many benefits:

  • Reduced risk of white spots or cavities forming around or underneath braces
  • No need to teach new brushing and flossing habits
  • Gentler and more comfortable treatment than braces
  • Reduced risk of loose bracket and broken wire emergencies on busy weeks or weekends
  • Patients can eat and drink what they please as long as they remove their aligners first. (It’s still advised to maintain a healthy diet low in sugar to keep teeth and gums healthy.)

Common questions about Invisalign First

Because it is a relatively new type of orthodontic treatment, parents of patients generally have lots of questions, including the following:

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