The best orthodontist in Ft Collins talks about how to avoid bad breath with Invisalign don't have to be secular.

How to Avoid Bad Breath with Invisalign

Bad breath is never appealing, and when you’re undergoing treatment with Invisalign, your chances of having bad breath can increase if you’re not careful. Bad breath can mean there are underlying factors, which can prove to be serious, so handling this early is advised. If you have Invisalign, failure to practice proper oral hygiene and other factors can cause bad breath to happen to you, but it doesn’t have to! Here are our top tips on avoiding bad breath with Invisalign.

Keeping Your Aligners Clean

First and foremost, clean aligners are absolutely imperative to not ending up with bad breath during treatment. Be sure to clean your aligners regularly, so plaque and bacteria don’t build up and cause them to be dirty and smell. Rinse them thoroughly and gently brush them to remove any food particles, and always try to brush and floss your teeth before putting your aligners back in your mouth. We also recommend using EverSmile OrthoFoam Braces Cleaner & Tooth Whitener. Simply place your aligners into this solution at night. Not only will it disinfect, it adds a little whitening to them as well.

Preventing Dry Mouth

Adults patients are at a higher risk for developing dry mouth than younger patients, especially when using Invisalign. That’s why it’s recommended to combat this with products designed to help eliminate or lessen dry mouth from occurring. These products include:

  • Biotene
  • Burt’s Bees
  • ACT dry mouth lozenges

One of our top recommendations is Biotene toothpaste, which is free from sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a known culprit of causing irritation in the mouth. Burt’s Bees also has a wonderful line of dry mouth products available, including dry mouth spray and lozenges, and ACT dry mouth lozenges are perfect while your aligners are in.

Problems Caused by Dry Mouth

You may not think anything of a little dry mouth, but it can cause more damage than you may realize. Issues that dry mouth tends to cause include:

  • Increased plaque
  • Increased risk of gum disease and tooth decay
  • Mouth sores
  • Thrush
  • Poor nutrition

It’s best to prevent this and bad breath while you’re undergoing treatment and all throughout your life.

Preventing Bad Breath

Preventing bad breath with and without Invisalign can come from a number of different tweaks to your routine. Be sure to always brush and floss your teeth, and don’t forget about your tongue! Change out your toothbrush regularly and remember to always keep your aligners as clean as possible. It’s also advised to see your dentist for regular cleanings and to make sure everything in your mouth is in tip-top shape.

Diet is also an important factor in maintaining a healthy smile and reducing the chance of bad breath. If you’re eating a diet full of junk, it will cause more bacteria to form in the mouth, which can result in bad breath. It’s best to take a look at what you’re eating and adjust accordingly.

So, if you’re suffering from bad breath with Invisalign, keep these tips in mind and try some of the recommended products if dry mouth is occurring. And most importantly, don’t panic! In keeping your mouth and aligners clean and getting a handle on dry mouth, you won’t have to worry about bad breath during your treatment.

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