Dog with toy heart

At Milnor, We Love Our Patients – and Our Pets!

It’s February, and love is in the air. We love our friends, family, and patients, but we also have a special place in our hearts for our pets. Here are some of the furry members of the Milnor team and their stories.

Jessica’s Camera-Shy Kimber


Kimber is our beloved English Springer Spaniel. She is going to be 12 in May and is starting to show signs of her age. She can’t hear very well and sleeps a lot more. She still takes every opportunity to play fetch with any ball, toy, frisbee, stick, or piece of mulch she can find. That is definitely her favorite pastime! Beware though, if you start to play fetch with her she will bark her highest, eardrum-breaking bark to let you know you must keep throwing!

When she is camping with us, we can expect her to be very worn out at the end of the weekend because of the amount of running she does while enjoying her time in the mountains. She is a very sweet and cuddly dog. She is also very camera shy, and as soon as you try take a picture she will hide her face or run away. You definitely have to trick her or sneak up on her to get a good shot.  We love our Kimber!


Katie’s Kitties

From left to right: Arrow and Mr. Coop

Little Arrow is a light-colored fluffy kitty who is one year old. Arrow is the nicest cat you will ever meet, he loves to cuddle with anyone who will let him. He also enjoys playing with toy mice, eating as much food as he can find, and playing with his brother.

Cooper, aka Mr.Coop, aka Fat Cat is my other cat. He is five years old but is as cranky as an old man. His favorite pastime is going outside and eating grasshoppers. He also loves long naps, playing with crinkle balls, and looking out the window.




Darbi’s Faithful Companion

This is Booder. He will be seven years old in Feb. He is a Lab mix and served as a search-and-rescue dog for a few years with my husband as his handler. He is very close to me. I was very ill in 2016 and he still never leaves my side. A very sweet boy.





Allie’s Furbabie s

Ryley and Griswold

My sweet pup, Ryley, has been the biggest blessing in my life. Ryley is an easy going, mellow yellow lab with a gigantic heart. He is 85 pounds of gentle, sweet love. Ryley loves children and really anyone who gives him time and attention. He is the best walking partner and snuggly, couch potato.


Then there is my little orange kitten, Griswold, who is a major stinker. He is a one-year-old tabby who is constantly purring and causing mischief! He loves keeping his family up at night, loves food and will chat away with you when you talk to him. He is not like most cats who are independent and shy. Wherever you go, Griswold follows. All in all, I feel like the luckiest lady around to have such sweet babies in my life. We are so lucky to have such close connections with such beautiful creatures!


Left to right: Moosie and Wolfie

Dr. Milnor’s Wolf and Moose

I have two dogs. Moosie is a toy poodle and he just turned six on January 8th. Wolfie is a mini goldendoodle and he is two. They are brothers and best friends!

Do you have a special furry (or scaly) someone in your life? If so, please share them on our Facebook page.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your pets!





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